• RE: What you miss about nilly's realm

    @SirOryx is the server permanently down?

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  • Ra ra Rasputin Lover of the Russian queen

    Ra ra Rasputin
    Lover of the Russian queen
    Ra ra Rasputin
    Lover of the Russian queen
    Ra ra Rasputin
    Lover of the Russian queen
    imhigh rn

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  • RE: I still have hope

    Honestly hopes that he doesn't release source.

    A reason why he probably won't is because he doesn't want to give away the source he coded to some random shitlets to make half-assed servers 4 $.

    No reason to tarnish this server's name, now go and do something else. ;p

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  • RE: NR up? is

    wiw nilly i will take server i can run it really good i am good at coding i know 10000 langegis i good at it please i will take good care of it pretty please i use to run my server but it gone thanks

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  • RE: I noticed that the server is down.

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  • RE: Last Goodbyes

    Not so Blank anymore, are ya now? :^ )

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  • RE: What is more important?

    If you could only get one, i'd get the cure.

    Doesn't matter if you can prevent...nevermind. ;(

    Was thinking about stopping newer forms from sprouting up, but the original virus being highly contagious.

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  • RE: Reviving Nilly's Realm - My Proposal for Nilly

    He obviously doesn't want the server up; he's probably checked up on the server (but not on his own account.)

    If you're as skilled as you say, @RightClick, then make a private server to call your own. You'll be happy you did.

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  • RE: How to play the Vault theme on the piano from Nilly's Realm

    Gotta look for something to play this now.


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