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  • RE: Coding

    I assume with "coding" you mean simply creating a new object, then all you have to read is this:

    If you actually want to code your own functionalities etc, then I'm afraid that it'll be much more complicated than the above link and not something you'll learn overnight.
    You're likely better off trying to find coding lessons etc on google/youtube/whatever and teach yourself, than hoping someone here will take the time to teach you.

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  • RE: LOOT YES!!! OH NO! thread

    OMG YES white from udl !! Infected armor -.-' 10 udls later OMG YES another white !! Infected armor... Got my dbow eventually, but jeez, getting those armors can be frustrating.

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  • RE: White Bag Thread

    @Wizardism said:

    no it was because of the lucky kendo stick

    Haha yeah it must be :D funny thing is someone donated that kendo stick in the OA right before I dced

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  • RE: Shady is a badmin


    Wait so spawned setpieces (like skull shrine) will always be able to kill you? TIL. Is there like a thread or something I can read that clearly outlines what admin spawned stuff can/can't kill you, because I'm starting to lose track of it...

    I know see through mobs can't kill players, but if they bring you down to like 5 hp and you then get hit by a hobbit mage you'll die. Environmental stuff like lava etc can also always kill players right? I'm sure there's more, but I really don't know what <.<

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  • RE: White Bag Thread

    Be me. Host OA. DC before it starts. Enter first udl in realm. Get Dbow.

    I guess karma works both ways :smiley:

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  • RE: Trickster prism idea (would require new code)

    So I went ahead and started thinking about possible sprites. This prism would essentially let you go back in time, so I thought about a clock, some kind of pocketwatch or something. Whelp, turns out making a decent clock when you've only got 8x8 pixels to work with is fucking impossible.

    New idea! The sands of time, I'll make an hourglass! "BRILLIANT!!", I thought. It can't possibly be that hard to make an hourglass with pixels, right? Yeah, well...

    No need for words.
    I knew I was bad at this, but turns out I'm fucking aweful at it.

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  • RE: Is this projectile range calculation correct?

    Yours and winter's look the same to me, the only difference being that winter has speed written as tiles/s whereas you have it written as what I presume is units/sec (which is how you'll find it in the code), and as 1 tile=10 units, you have to divide by 10. I don't know if what I just said about units etc is completely correct, but it makes the most sense.

    tiles/sec = speed/10 --> (tiles/sec) * LifetimeMS/1000 = speed * LifetimeMS/10000

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  • RE: Trickster prism idea (would require new code)

    Yeah, I was just thinking that maybe saving the old position could be kept client side, and then only send a packet to the server when it's needed for the ability. No idea if it could be done that way though.

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  • RE: Trickster prism idea (would require new code)

    Lag affects the entire game and is probably something that nilly is working on a lot, it shouldn't stop us from making new items that may/may not be useless because of it. I'm certain that it can be done, it's just that it might take more work than we'd think.

     private void Activate(RealmTime time, Item item, Position target)

    That line of code right there is the first line of code for abilities. The method uses Position "target", which is your cursor location, but this prism would need your character position too. I assume your current character position is tied to the 'player' class, so getting that won't be an issue either. What's going to be more complicated is having the server remember your old position. I don't think there's any code right now that does that, so it would have to be made from scratch.

    I can see two ways of going about that:

    • Add a new variable to the player class that updates every tick and saves your character's position from x seconds ago. If this has to be done for every player it will likely increase server load by a lot, so maybe it's better to code it in such a way that the new variable is only used when a specific item is equipped. Still, the server might not be able to handle that.

    • What I said in my previous post, make a new conditioneffect. What I don't know is: 1) does a conditioneffect have access to the 'player' class for your character position? 2) can you make a conditioneffect do something when the timer hits 0? 3) if yes, can it specifically use the Activate() method? If those 3 things are already possible, then this shouldn't be too complicated. If not, then making it work will be quite a bit harder.

    Then there's also the option of making it really fancy by letting us tp back on demand, but that's not important right now.

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