How to protect your account!

  • @LagoonZz oh, kay.

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    Do not use this! For emails.

  • @ItsThatRektGuy
    Not a virus, its just a temporary mail generator. Saves time when you're in haste and don't want to register on gmail, yahoo, etc.
    There's bruteforcing on prod recently. Since disposable mails are public, they can be accessed by any people. Then, they can ask for password reset and get into your account.

    @BreadStick said in How to protect your account!:

    Do not use this! For emails.

    That's quite silly how you included a link, while you wanted others to avoid it.


    why he banned?xd

  • @ItsThatRektGuy said in How to protect your account!:

    @Vasya why remove the screenie?
    Can i just ask about what bruteforcing is?
    What i understood is there is a website where emails are given public and people can just go in and hack into your account.

    Eh, i though that you knew what link that was, so i removed screenie. There are many other sites with temporary email generators, just google them. Use temp mails at your own risk, since they are public. Do NOT create mules with disposable emails. Use temp mails for something non-major. force

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    @ItsThatRektGuy Bruteforce is a technique used by hackers, where they use a program that tries every possible combination for a password. The software takes the passwords either from a list, or it generates them (starting from 1 or a, then b or 2, c... aa, then ab, ac... etc. etc. you get it). Brute forcing requires minimal effort if the password is:
    A. short
    B. contains only letters and numbers
    C. is very simple
    To make brute forcing practically impossible, your password has to be long and must contain symbols like ?>>!#)@@$ or whatever.

    Bruteforcing is usually a last resort, unless you're dealing with a newbie black hat 12 year old hacker, then it's the first and last thing they'll try.
    Because someone with brains would find a crack in the armor of the site and make the site give him the info he needs.

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    @Marty Use a random password generator, with atleast 50 - 200 characters. Copy dat thing into notepad. Save it. Copy and paste it everytime you want to log in.

    Mine is lowkey 420 chars ;3

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