If someone scammed me out of there prod acc do they get banned on nr if i have proof they scammed me

  • somone scammed me, i payed 10k pure fame for an acc and they guy didnt give acc i have recording proof, will he get banned if i show the video?

  • i wanna buy some
    Do u have ubhps?

  • no i dont

  • if you have proof beyond any doubt at all they might ban him
    but its unlikely

  • 27

    @Doombow5 it is still a good idea to say their ign and give proof so that other members of the forums do not fall for it too and so that everyone knows theyre a scammer

  • Nilly dont give fame back

    Yes good Idea say Ingame Name!

  • They normally don't ban people, but if you just provide the proof they might aswell do it.

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