New Player: Why NellysRealm?

  • Hi guys Im a new player, I've been playing ROTMG on and off for the past 4 years or so. Im F2P and I love the game. My notable accomplishments would be getting 4 8/8 characters without pets (Fucking hate pets :C ruins game for F2P :X), jk Im just salty cause I dont have a pet and still have to use skill to play the game :D. I suppose I was just sick of the non-updates, the community and really rebuilding especially with the shit droprates in the Glands.

    First of all why should I play NellysRealm? What makes it different/better to ROTMG.
    Second, is the queue time to enter avoidable? Does it always take 15 minutes? Or is it just that the server is busy at some times.

    Thirdly Im looking for a guild :X I am a skilled player but I haven't done many of the hard new dungeons as I haven't play ROTMG for about a year, eg Lair Of Draconis, Shatters etc.

    It does look like a great server! I do know the basics like screen is bigger, fame buys you everything etc. Looking forward to seeing you guys ingame <3

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    hai welcome

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    @LavaLamp you can always see and look at some guild requeriments, i think our guild has some vacants.(Everlasting Destiny)

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    1: You should play NILLY'S Realm (it's not nelly's) because: community is better, no spam bots, almost no hackers, active admins.
    2: Queue is unavoidable unless you donate. Donations are closed.
    3: Check the guilds category on forums.

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    @LavaLamp Here are some tips:
    1:Admin's are active,Community is good and of course no spam bots. Freaking Finally!
    2:Queue is possibly avoidable, If you donate. Sadly donations are closed.
    3:If you wanna join some guild's, The forums might help for you to check out the guild .

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    @LavaLamp Just some notable commands to help you start off in nillys:
    /mscale (number) - changes the size of your map. Prod is about 1.3, I notmally play in 0.75 in glands and in ffa dungons 0.5 to get good aim for spell bombs.
    /tell youdidgood price (item name) - bot that responds with the cheapest price on the marketplace for whatever item you're searching for
    /lefttomax - pretty much what it says on the tin
    theyre pretty much the only ones i use so i may have missed some out accidentally

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    @LagoonZz How about /nexus ? lmao

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    @Hephaestus nah i dont use it im a donator :3 but yeah its useful for new ppl i suppose

  • @LagoonZz Instead of /nexus, use /oa or /sa, it does the same thing as /nexus, but faster to type, /sa takes you to Solo Arena, not disconnecting you, and /oa takes you to Oryx Arena, but since it would probably be locked, it just takes you to nexus.

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    @Hoomin Or just set your macros to /nexus.

  • @Jack-the-Trump Macros kill, if you forget to have them enabled, and if you are typing and you press R, it does /NEXUS and takes you to nexus.

  • 27 - use this for sick commands

    • Never teleport to light blue star calling jeebs or rare dungeons
    • Wanna sell something? Ask for price.. Selling Hellfire robe for 2k is a dumb move.
    • Don't beg for fame or items. People will ignore you, and you can be muted.
    • And don't do things like Wales did. 0_1466335993137_getbanned lol.png
    • Also loot system is changed. Getting white with priest using T0 wand? Please, don't spam in chat.
    • Making new thread? Please, read rules.
    • Shitposting, spamming, necrobumping.... Is banable.

    @LavaLamp Welcome *to Nilly's realm. "I have a dream!" Well.. not anymore.
    Nilly is such a dream crusher. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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