Perma Muted

  • Shitposter

    I tried posting this in Y I muted??? but no one seems to care about that thread so im gonna try here, its been 2 days and im still perma muted can someone help me?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    You still have to remain calm in the Official Am I muted thread. Unfortunately for you, its not uncommon for muted people to remain muted for quite some time.

    You'll probably get yelled at by others for making this seperate topic. I don't think its against the rules to bump it to post twice in that thread in hopes for more attention, but I think you've already done that. If you know anybody with unmuting powers, you might have a good bet to get unmuted if you ask them.

  • Shitposter

    Yea I know no one that has unmuting powers, and its impossible to trade without it

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