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    @Martijnlol Nice videos and all, but you dont have to post every single one on the forums and also dont beg for subs in the title of the post if u want them you have to earn them by making good vids
    EDIT: also, not to be rude but you might want to consider putting a little bit more effort into these 'loot montages' - from what I saw there were only 13 different times you got loot, mainly from killing gods in glands, and no offense but the game time spent was probs only 30mins to 1hr max. If you want people to like your videos and subscribe to your channel, you are going to have to put more effort into your videos by spending more time getting clips and them only adding in the better ones - not a huge amount of people want to see the pot bags from glands, most people want to see the rare white bags and other good drops.
    Just my opinion.

  • Sex Guns

    junk videos get no subs

  • Thans for the tips guys👍

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