Enkindled Spear

  • This is a weapon created to be dropped by a boss I am designing. The sprite is in progress, I plan to make a better one. It would be used by Knight, Paladin, and Warrior. Please notify me of any mistakes I may have made.

    Name: Enkindled Spear
    Description: It is said that this spear was forged in dragon fire by the ancient wardens of flame.
    -Shots: 1
    -Damage: 90-605
    -Projectile Speed: 350
    -Lifetime: 157
    -Range: 5.5
    -Amplitude: 0
    -Frequency: 0
    Stat Bonuses: +2 Def
    Effect: Shots hit multiple targets. 50% fire rate.
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Possible Sprite:
    alt text
    alt text

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    This weapon is unique because it has a longer range than other melee weapons, and pierces through enemies, which most melee weapons cannot do. It is balanced because it has a lower average dps than other melee weapons. The high speed of the projectiles and low fire rate give this weapon a unique style, as it fires less, but the shots are more precise.

    DPS Graph courtesy of Pringle
    alt text

  • Lovecraft

    Perhaps the range of damage could be improved, if not, its gonna be like the sprite wand and insanity staff.

  • @AstralLink Changed to 90-605, a little less ridiculous, same average.

  • Famous Forumers

    gud idea, mediocre sprite
    hit me up if you want it fxed

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    I actually like the sprite. I would love to see more spear-like weapons in the game.
    It could use a little more shading though. light seems to be coming from the top, so it shouldn't get lighter at the bottom.
    I'm going to state what I feel is wrong, or what should be added here.

    • The 50% fire rate looks off being in the Effect: list.
    • Description isn't bad, but it could probably be rephrased to sound a tad' bit cooler.

    Thats really all I got to say. On a side note, I created a damage chart for you.
    Feel free to copy and paste it into your topic if you wish.

  • Banned

    The sprite looks like if a sword, a dagger and a staff had an orgy.

  • @Pringle The D. balde?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Tdimension I'm pretty sure you know what it is, even with the typo.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    idc what other people think, I love this sprite

  • looks like the tormented staff and the crimson dagger of tartarus had an orgy

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