Multiboxing Issues

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    Its come to my attention that multiboxers may become a issue sooner or later because I have heard sone talk about how to possibly do it. Now I dont want to make anybody mad, offend people or go against the forum rules. I want to discuss the issue because if it does come to the point where people start doing it there will be many issues occuring in Nillys realm. Some will include lag increase and making people wait longer in the queue. It's bad enough with just those issues and as you all have seen it in Realm of the mad god that many have left it because of multiboxers. I'm not demanding a fix to the issues or close off all possible ways to do it. I'm only trying to give the idea so everyone can think of it. If you disagree I will not be offended in any way. So please give your ideas! Thank you for your time -Spookyhero

  • Lovecraft

    godmoders get banned in seconds (longest i saw was <30 mins. 10-20.) there is only 1 realm and 1 server (soon 2 but thats still not 15 servers and 1-6x realms in each compared to prod where no1 even bothers to ban them). so no worries about multiboxing.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    @FakeGharr I know it isnt really an issue but soon it might be. Not going against you or anything and I know what you say is true just saying it might eventually become an issue.

  • Lovecraft

    read again. multiboxing will never be an issue for longer than 30 mins.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    @FakeGharr Oh ok I see sorry. I havent been on nillys realm long enough to see that. Thank you!

  • Banned

    The modding team dismantles hackers fairly quickly.

  • 27

    M8, admins are fuckin' active.
    There is NO chance for hackers. <-- Nilly is probably greatest admin.
    Yea, don't worry m8.

    This one is probably the best one.

    Everyone stop bullshitting. Nilly's realm is made so you can only access from web domain. Also nilly is a master hacker and he would know how to protect his server from noob hackers.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    @Jack-the-Trump I know they are active m8

  • honestly, id be interested in seeing how someone would go about to make a client for mboxing. as far as im aware, nr is browser based, so going about to make an external client to access wouldnt be easy. shit idek if its possible.

    correct me if im wrong, im not l33t c0d3r squad or anything

  • 27

    1337 days..
    I miss these days. ;(

    Some newbs were salty.. and..

    Do you even know what does noob mean?
    "Yea, it's people like you" (English lvl me ;( , but he said that shit lol)
    And do you REALLY know what it means?
    "Yea, it means, that youre bad at something. That youre a shit"
    Bitch, it's newbie.

  • It's not an issue since it's easier to ban with admins that actually care about the game! @SpookyHero

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