Limiting how much you can charge for certain items.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    So I have been going aroung the marketplace and seeing way over priced items in it like a t0 dagger for 500 fame. Other things too, now I understand the popularity of certain classes but In my opinion I don't think you should be able to sell items t5 and under. I say this because you will be able to see more items for sale. Also what is the reason for selling items of those teirs nobody will buy them. I'm not pointing anybody out or anything like that. Also try to limit the price you can sell certain things For example:
    T6- 30 fame
    T7- 40 fame
    T8- 60 fame
    That kind of idea would help starters get into it more so they can afford things of those tiers.

  • Banned

    Like this shit.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    @Hephaestus Exactly! So you get my point with how we should limit the fame you can put it for...

  • well its not like anyone with half a brain would spend that much fame on something so shit. all someone has to do is put another offer in there for lower and you wont have to look at that.

    and if someone puts a deepforest trap in for 30 fame and someone buys that shit so their 2m fame trap is still on top, then youre 30 fame richer and theyre just retarded.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    @sheeeit That may solve the problem although it would be better to limit it instead or option to hide certain items/ tiers.

  • @SpookyHero yea thats true, being able to hide armor/weapons under t10 would be really useful, we'd all be able to find what we're looking for much easier.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    @sheeeit Ill make a post about it.

  • the market works with offer and demand. Don't change it.

  • @obamabin but do you know anyone that goes out of their way to buy a t5 staff from marketplace? i dont associate myself with retards, therefore idk anyone that wants to spend fame on something that isnt worth anything. the filter option would be a nice addition.

  • the price got down tho 0_1466620518712_fb3c8914f8885d999aaaa9b8c991732d.png

  • 27

    @obamabin thats so cheap im gonna buy it and put it back up for 2 billion

  • @LagoonZz lol funny guy :P


    @SpookyHero t8 60 fame?ill see one time t12 for 35...

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