Since i've been grounded!

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    I just wanted to know whats been going on in Nillys realm since I can't get on at all :cry: any major fixes? Just wondering since i'm bored out of my mind!

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    you can paly some other games or not play at computer works for me i dont know ewhat is boring for you?+++++??+ or you can paly prod that is fun too!!!

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    @SpookyHero I'm not sure.. Nilly hasn't made any posts of any bug fixes, or any updates at all! May have missed it, but for sure he didn't make any new thread named, "June 2016" or something like that.

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    Did you hear about the core server?

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    @Hephaestus OH YEAH! How could I forget that?!!?

    Well, sucks how he'll probably almost never be able to experience it. So.. I guess you can do the honors of explaining it?

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    @Jmn I wasn't there for the majority of it, you should probs explain :3

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    @Hephaestus well, okay.

    @SpookyHero First of all, the Core was very secret, as it was a server where Nilly tests things with the players. It used to have no one usually on. But someone on forums told people about it, and spread the word.


    You would start with 1,000,000 fame and 1,000,000 gold. So you would be rich. You would also have all maxed stats, and level 20. There was also pets, but they were VERRY buggy. But other than those features, it was like normal nillys (excluding item prices in the marketplace). You would have to earn your own items. And tbh, everything was like, 1,000,000 or like, 20,000,000. Crazy prices.

    Of course it was shut down after testing was finished.

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