Guild hall glitch?

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    My guildies were hosting trenches in the hall, and I typed /ghall to get that the world does not exist. I tried to manually enter from the nexus and I got dced. 0_1466610753989_Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.52.05 AM.png

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    Happened to me too.
    I got so mad because I just got in on my super fun rogue and then I try to enter my ghall from my vault.
    Instant dc.

    Also, should be on the bug report thread.

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    There's a bug report thread boi.

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    Maybe there adding to tge ghall maybe more things idk but that is wierd that it is instant dcing

  • I'm sorry, your ghall is currently nonexistent.
    Have a nice rest of your day!

    yay shickpost

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