How to stop perma effects?

  • Denpaaa

    I am wondering how to stop perma effects. Is there a way? Or is going back to nexus the only way?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    If you get hit by the same debuff again, it will go away after the new layer of debuff wears off.
    Also if you play priest, you can use a tome that removes debuffs.

  • Denpaaa

    Alright, Thanks!

  • pally buff can remove permanent debuff as well, it just resets the timer and wears off when it normally would.

  • Any new status effect resets it. For example if you're in wc perma unstable/weak, I sometimes let myself get hit by one of the blind shots and that will fix it.

  • @iole is right. Just get buffed/debuffed again and it will go away.

  • 27

    lol, rogue.. EZ

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