O4 and t14-t15 itens

  • We all know that wine cellars on Nilly's are so useless bcs you can fight o3 in jeebs/oa. And for that reason people never do wine cellars after realm is closed they usually just /nexus. And now about o4, there is no actual way to fight him without an admin opening the portal (Which is rare af). Maybe make that o3 from wine cellar drops a portal to OMGWTFBBQ? That would make people want to do WC like in Prod. Tell me what you think about wine cellars on Nilly's and o4.

  • I do every wc I can, and 9/8 times they don't fail. OMGWTFBBQ is op and should not be a regular thing. t14 and t15 items should be rare, not common.

  • @Wiz00012345 OMGWTFBBQ is not op bcs o4 is not an easy enemy and t14-t15 items would not be common drop from him

  • But he is easy lol

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    @ZelotaMax I'm pretty sure, oa Oryxes are No.2, not 3.
    And, pretty sure O4 is ez with a group consisting of
    Wizards / Assassins / Necromancers / Sorcerers / Huntresses.

  • Ye but still its sad that only admins can open this dungeon

  • @Moeyama After wave 30 oryx 3 spawns instead of o2

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    @ZelotaMax I've never seen O3 in OAs before.
    Now I know.

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    Wave 30+ O3

  • Honestly, who cares?
    T14/15 armors and T13/14 weapons are absolute shit.
    All they do is either add 1 extra def or just add an extra 5 damage on one of the limits when compared to their predecessors. The two exceptions to what I'm saying are the sword, which does actually increase dps a tiny bit on warriors especially and the katanas, which allow the shots to go through targets. But aside from that, these items are overpriced and are significantly worse than some of the whites.
    And neither O3 or O4 are hard.

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    robe is decent as well ;)

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