The Corrupt Bone Club

  • A bone club!
    Woo, party!
    0_1466890423025_bone indiv.png
    The projectile: 0_1466890434546_bswipe.png
    Name: Corrupt Bone Club
    Desc: A bone that has been enchanted and corrupted with shadowy magic.
    Shots: 1
    Damage: 320-470 (AVG: 395)
    Rate of Fire: -40%
    Projectile Speed: 27
    Lifetime: 1
    Range: 2.9
    Amplitude: 0
    Frequency: 0
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    A much slower speed than other swords as well as a .6 shorter range than tiered swords, while also being very powerful, but still rather random.

    Not quite sure where this would drop, maybe the Manor or something like that?

  • Famous Forumers

    this is just a worse ent log
    sprites shading is pretty bad, looks like one of my earlier sprites
    0_1466890924280_Sans Set Enlarged.PNG , look at the weapon
    other than that you should think more about niches and uses ingame, and how it compares to other weapons

  • Detective

    Make it drop from cyclops god.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Not sure how I feel about this.
    Its not really an a.s.s... but... It's not much different...
    I don't think it would be used. Low fire rate and low range is rarely worth it. If you're going to get that close, might aswell just use dblade for more reliable damage?

  • Hmm.
    I may change the sprite/stats to be less similar to other things, as well as try to make it seem worthwhile to get/use.

  • @"its-That-Guy." That is a fine idea, he's got zero interesting drops, while the Ent Ancient and some other mid-level bosses have full sets of items.

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