selling prod acc for nillys fame and/or items see more

  • realmeye : SardorJS 4 player slots 0_1466945134005_2016-06-26 (11).png
    vault full of uts
    2/8 archer doom bow
    5 vaults
    woodland rare pet mheal heal savage
    idk how much fame is worth so u make offer no less then 3k fame or idk
    0_1466945127673_2016-06-26 (12).png 0_1466945144553_2016-06-26 (10).png 0_1466945171383_2016-06-26 (6).png
    0_1466945185602_2016-06-26 (7).png 0_1466945194430_2016-06-26 (8).png 0_1466945208712_2016-06-26 (9).png

  • I sold my acc for 5k with no UT's, almost max rare pet heal/mp heal/ electric, 2 char slots and 2 vaults. Yours should sell for more with the ut's plus char.

  • @Wiz00012345 kk
    is like 10k or 11k good
    maybe i should trade for a donor acc

  • i have bulwark to

  • You might be able to sell for donor acc, not sure exactly how much this acc is worth. It will take like 40k for donor acc, so if u can get that, u can probs get a donor acc.

  • @Wiz00012345 estimation how much would u pay for this acc

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