Older players guild?

  • If your a player that was here before the wipe and a larger flood of cancerous and toxic players (if your still out there) leave a reply and myb we can make a guild

  • Quite Unusual :3

    @Liamfury when you say the wipe. Which one? lol

  • @Ninjaidyn There has been rollbacks but from what I understand there was only one wipe. I maybe be run tho.

  • Quite Unusual :3

    @Wiz00012345 there was i think 2 wipes, the one most recent and another far back when Nilly's had like no people, i remember being depressed for losing an archer with coral silk it was so long ago.

  • when i say wipe i mean the one that happened towards the beginning of 2016 ending of 2015 so the latest one but really just anyone thats played for a long time and is active because everytime i look through the forums or the chat i just cringe at how everyone is either really bad or they are just cancerous and its almost like the stereotypical cod chat on xbox youd expect but yeah @Ninjaidyn i lost like 6 juggs and a lot of other stuff lol when i lost my cbow i was pissed.

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