Selling prod Account ,- For Fame

  • Hey selling my Old Prod Account for Fame - Offers. / Or Items in Nilly PM me ( I'm definitly not going first with this account)

    The Vault:

    And my pet :

    I can tell you 1 of the Price. Its cheap.

    Edit :

  • does it come with email?

  • Yes it comes with email

  • 27

    @PhantoYi I dont think I have enough money so I just wanna know in case I do - what sort of price range in raw fame?

  • I dont know realy, whats Nillys Fame worth. Someone would buy for 40$.
    But i accept only Nillys Items and Fame. You can offer like 30-40K Fame or Items with the worth of this.
    Maybe its cheap, but i dont want to wait that long

    Edit: Pet is Legendary, i know but, some friend have done this pet on legendary to my birthday, not me so there is not rly time waste on the pet

  • @LagoonZz But Why Money? Nillys Fame is better then Money :D

  • 27

    @PhantoYi I might not have enough nilly fame, but I have a spare donator acc that im considering selling, so pm if ur interested.

  • @LagoonZz
    Nah. i dont have money and Fame.

  • 27

    @PhantoYi so u dont want a donator acc then (just to clarify)

  • @LagoonZz Yes i want but i want Fame more then Donor.
    I lost all my Fame, by spending on a archer and died

  • 27

    He just scammed me for 10k dont trade with this guy.
    I gave half of the fame, he game me some bs acc info that didnt work and he left.

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