Constantly selling prod items

  • I'm constantly selling prod items, either post here or pm me and I'll see what I got, and yes I go first. Edit: if it was unclear for some reason, I'm selling prod items for nilly's fame/items.

  • @Psychodic Going to send you a PM

    Edit: Bought a few items from this seller, everything went well.

  • Currently out of items to sell, but keep posting or pm me for items that you're interested in and I'll be sure to contact you as soon as I get them. Edit: currently restocking, from pure life to tops, I'm getting whatever I can get my hands on. STs will be harder to get, but not impossible

  • Still restocking, but I have items to sell again. Don't be afraid to ask for items that I have even if I say I'm restocking, I'll have items at all times, if not a few minutes/hours after you ask.

  • Putting this here as a bump and a warning: DO NOT trade with oryxisgay, he is a scammer and has scammed me. UTPLS is his name in prod, again don't trust him, he's a scammer.

  • Bump. Still selling items people, message me or post on here, and I'll tell you what I got.

  • Bumperino. If anyone's wondering about my stock, at the moment I have 4 pure life and a T6 tome, but in a couple hours I'll have much more, usually how it goes for me since I farm a lot. I don't know about having tops all the time since I'm not always lucky, but I'll always have pure life.

  • Bump, currently stocking up on some STs right now but I that means I won't have pure life and rarely have tops, if you wanna request items just lemme know and I'll try to get a hold of them.

  • Really Good Players

    @Psychodic im interested.

  • Really Good Players

    +rep bought items for fame.

  • @Psychodic now that you have a few vouches, id recommend you not going first, unless the person youre trading with has many vouches as well :slight_smile: that should help avoid more incidents like the one with oryxisgay :thumbsup:

  • yea I'll do that, thanks for all the vouches and thanks to anyone who bought and didn't scam

  • Shitposter

    Dont do rwt! possible wipe incoming

  • yea I saw, for now I'm halting the prod items selling, thanks for telling me anyway

  • As of right now I'm selling again, first thing I'll be doing is selling to someone who wanted to buy an etherite, keep sending in any requests you guys might have for items and I'll let you know when I got em. Also I'll be doing exactly as @sheeeit advised and going second unless you're a trusted trader/member.

  • I wanna buy prod stuff. Whatever I can get for 1.3k NR fame

  • I'll buy stuff for 1k. I dont mind trading first either

  • @Psychodic Ill buy some stuff. How can we contact each other?

  • @portfishy you can contact me on here in either pms or on the thread, I check constantly dw. @Wiz00012345 it depends on what you want, I generally do 300 fame per life so something of around 4-5 life would be what you could buy with 1.3k. @musesesese same as with wiz, just tell me what you want and I'll tell you if it's worth 1k, even if it's only worth it for me (underpay/overpay).

  • @Psychodic I just want to buy one etherite dagger. How much would that be?

  • I can generally get etherite for 7 life, so 2.1k for one @portfishy

  • @Psychodic okey can you meet me in nexus?

  • @Psychodic what can 1.8k get me m8

  • I currently don't have one, but I'll contact you once I get it, I ran out of stock a bit ago and have been restocking like crazy, but I'll have your etherite by tomorrow @portfishy . Same with anyone else buying, I'll have your gear within a day of your request unless I have like 50 requests lmao

  • @Genesis anything within 6 life cost

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