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  • So I had an idea. Next to the oa portal (or behind), have a little message board. On the message board, anyone can sign up to host an oa at a certain time, and they put the key into the message board, like a dq kinda thing. The when that time comes around, it will automatically open an oa. Other players can also check to see if there are any up coming oa's. The reason u have to put the key in then is so that ppl don't change their minds or just troll with it.

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    If only you could pin this to the game right now.

    All jokes aside +1 would love.

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    @Pringle damnit Pringle

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    @Wiz00012345 Problem is

    Teach me how to code senpai

  • @Moeyama I'm 11. Learning Python. I can't code this into NR.

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    I bored and made to designs for the message board. I know theres an already existing one, but...

    0_1467040529495_upload-213c0da5-dd91-42cc-8161-8e72946e9206 or 0_1467040549485_upload-f4d9901e-8ef0-44f5-92b3-749439398767

    This is just to make the OA Sign feel more unique.
    Small 8x8 sprites.
    0_1467040973253_upload-709736fd-ff8a-423a-a029-9d6b03800ac9 0_1467041000595_upload-78156f21-0519-4339-b673-51512bdddff5 0_1467041037738_upload-72afa5bc-037d-4645-b4f2-f78193480ce1

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    I'd just suggest a message board to write whatever on it, and I'll stay. All messages WILL have the poster's name placed on the post

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    @Hailtion And limit the use to 30 stars and up.

  • @Wiz00012345 Python makes me cry

  • But @Hailtion all the shit on it would be so annoying

  • @NR-Staff Please look in to this.

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    "People will farm OAs."
    Iz dat possibru?

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    Idk if it could happen but could there also be a small coloured strip near the health bar that is either red/invisible when there are no oa's starting but in the 1 min time that they start the bar flashes red or green. I just think that it would be good to have somethiing else to alert the player of an open oa (stops flashing when closed), because there are only 2 announcements made about the oa in the chat and you could be unlucky and miss them if you are going into dungeons/vault etc...

  • this is a good idea. rip to the hoster if something comes up and he misses his own OA :laughing:
    oh yea, what happens if someone tries to put one in at say, 4pm, and someone else decides to put one in like 10 minutes later, but the one at 4pm is still going on?

  • @sheeeit I hope they can find a way to block off oa's for next 30 mins (or something like that) after one is in place. So u can't have one at 4:30 and one at 4:55

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    Or maybe you can only put in OAs for certain times. Instead of whenever a hoster wants to host, the allowed times could be every 30 minutes, like 4:30 then 5:00. Or since some OAs are longer than others, every 45 minutes or an hour.

  • @SUPERswegg YES! THat would actually work really nicely!

  • bump. Looks at this guys.

  • this idea would mostly be time consuming to code but pretty easy also @Wiz00012345 i learnt coding with python in 2 months xD its possibly the best to learn with but tbh i started learning with computer craft in tekkit classic xD

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    A different take:

    We could add the option to add a little message to the OA Open message.
    It could be right under the A Portal to Oryx Arena Has opened.

    It would be a good way of advertising a guild, player, youtube. Whatever you want.
    Just an idea I had.

  • bump @NR-Staff

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