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  • Hey just wondering what everyone thinks the best sets by class are? I'm going to put my opinions for every class below, I'm not going to put the t15 armor/t14 weapons because most people cannot afford them, myself including. Also, i am only posting what i would keep on in general situations, not including other situational items or items you would keep in your inventory (like an extra skull for a necro that doesnt always work well). Keep in mind, I don't play every class all the time, in fact, i hardly play some of them. I would love to hear some other ideas about class sets, and/or feedback on what i post.

    Archer: Coral Bow/Wyrmhide Armor/Elven Quiver/Pizza Ring
    Assassin: Bloodbath dagger/Skinned Toad Armor/UH Poison/Chaos Gauntlet
    Huntress: Coral Bow/Wyrmhide Armor/Coral Trap/Seal of Creed
    Knight: Cap Sword/Lightweight Leather Armor/Colossus Shield/Cap Ring
    Mystic: UH Staff/Heaven Monk's/Conflict/UBHP
    Necro: UH Staff/Hellfire Robe/Cube Skull/Seal of Creed
    Ninja: Doku/Wyrmhide Armor/Murderous Shuriken/Seal of Creed
    Paladin: Cap Sword/Card Armor/Splashing Lava Seal/Cap Ring
    Priest: Pristine Wand/Heaven Monk's/Geb Book/Reactor
    Rogue: Bloodbath Dagger/Wyrmhide Armor/Cloak of Ghostly Concealment/Seal of Creed
    Sorc: Pristine Wand/Mad Lab Robe/Fulmi/Reactor
    Trix: Leto, the Hidden One Set
    Warrior: Cap Sword/Card Armor/UH Helm/Pizza Ring
    Wizard: UH Staff/Hellfire Robe/UH Spell/Reactor

    Those are just my opinions. Again, I would love to hear anyone else's feedback/opinions.

    (not sure if this should go in help&request or Discussion. I'm kinda asking for help, but also asking for opinions/discussion. would move if necessary.)

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    Huntress: Coral Bow/Wyrmhide Armor/Coral Trap/Seal of Cree

    Bitch please. Try spamming ctrap in oa.. Keep your T0!

  • I want to die

    vestment is better on archer, so is creed

    put plague on assassin

    huntress could use harlequin armor for spamming traps

  • @Jack-the-Trump but i dont use trap for dmg. t0 doesnt do shit. 2 good shots with ctrap in an oa on a boss worth shooting at is plenty dmg and if you wanna top it off go shoot some at the fucker too. and this is my opinion. if you wanna spam t0 trap, go for it, i just dont see a point. and not only in oa, even in glands. dunno what its gonna accomplish for you but go for it.

  • @_yellow i do run creed on archer sometimes, but i guess its personal preference in the end. i feel like with that extra attack on archer (you already got loads) it just makes farming glands/dungeons even easier.

    Edit: as far as huntress goes, traps are pointless besides the croud control, they dont hardly do shit for damage compared to a few shots, and sometimes when you use your traps, by the time it hits, you could have done 1k in damage already and the trap is redundant.

    plague on assassin is a good idea, didnt think about that.

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    Assasin: BBath/UHPoison(Toad/Plague for swap)/Toad Skinned Armor(Infected for swap)/Geb Ring(gemstone/Bracer for swap)

    The ultimate poison thrower loadout.

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    SB dmg is really low. But i didn't say, that T0 is better. :/
    I just say, that it's better to spam t0 trap in oa, cuz you can hit MORE enemies.
    They both have 4sqrs.
    You can use ctrap 2 times = 8sqrs
    You can use T0 trap 6 times = 16sqrs.
    Of course, on forest map is better ctrap, because that map is really small..
    Ctrap is best trap, i know.. But i said this:

    Keep your T0!

  • @Jack-the-Trump yea sorry. i agree with you after this explanation. it all depends on the situation in the end ;) i kept my t0 on my huntress while it was alive (rip :cry: ) but i didnt use it all that often, thanks for that explanation, ill definitely keep it in mind next time i make a huntress!

  • @xlindowlx said in Best Sets by Class:

    Assasin: BBath/UHPoison(Toad/Plague for swap)/Toad Skinned Armor(Infected for swap)/Geb Ring(gemstone/Bracer for swap)

    The ultimate poison thrower loadout.

    yea haha i thought about that, theres so many other things i wanted to include, like a spell spamming set, pure dps set for archer etc. but i tried to keep it basic, for all uses, be it oa/glands/tomb/shats/rushing.

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    @sheeeit there are so many options!! But if You don't have nothing You can always stick to t12 weapon/t6 ability/t13 armor/exa Hp

  • @xlindowlx yea i know :o i really want to elaborate on the options but i know id go on and on and waste so much time lol. and yea, that would be called, the low budget set :D

    fuck, i just said i shouldnt elaborate.

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    What about a mundane huntress?

  • I love to use cbow + t0 trap + toad armor + rabbit's foot on huntress

  • @obamabin you dont worry about getting 1 shot by like medusas or really anything in general?? seems like you couldnt run shit with that setup unless there were 5 or more people with you.

  • @sheeeit well I only use it when I have max life, but I dunno, it's just for farming not for anything crazy

  • @obamabin word, i thought you meant in the sense of oa. which sounds kinda suicidal but at the same time you have a better chance of gettin the lewts

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    Here is what i use for assassin, granted it is high price but its so worth:

    Hairy Karambit, Plague, Toad Skinned Armor, Frog ring.
    You get to have 92 wis when maxed meaning you throw a plague every 6 seconds.

    Always loot from tombs.

  • @davidri damn that is nice, but also high price. i will keep this in mind if i ever want the free loot class :smirk:

  • @sheeeit well you got 800 HP with max life so meh I dunno.

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    I think this would belong better in discussion, seeing as we are discussing the best gear for each class.

    I'd personally have a dbow on both of my bow classes over having a cbow, but that is just my opinion.

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    @Pringle but it may help people decide what sets to use, so it may be good for the help section idk

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    @LagoonZz Its definately a hard tell.
    It may fall under both tbh.

  • Paladin: capsword/sadist, splashing lava, cap armour and ubhp

    be the beefiest mother fucker in existance

  • @ergona2.0 true lol. nothin quite like buffing yourself and being over 1k hp

  • @sheeeit said in Best Sets by Class:

    @ergona2.0 true lol. nothin quite like buffing yourself and being over 1k hp

    and then ontop of that being able to eat almost every enemy including o3 at point blank

    reminds me of 1 time i buffed and ran ontop o3 had 97 hp and was still armoured survived that and got t14 leather and robe xD

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