• Do we know anything about core ? when will it be able to play again ?! It's boring to don't have any info...

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    Core was the test server, of this test server. It was used to test out new features, such as /dinvite and /daccept. It will be offline until further testing is needed.

  • It was to test the 2 servers in 1 thingy... Like EU and US..

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    @Spipi Heres some info for you, if its boring to have none:

    Core is down.

  • More info: core is not fun.
    It is a version of nillys realm where everyone is the same skill level and spends a few days collecting uts then realizes they have every item on the game and cries because you can't do an npe because you start out lol 20 and 8/8 so you go to nillys and die a lot because you're so used tocbeing op

  • All you need to know about core in one minute

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