The DCs are real....

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    Soo I try to enter the game and since I'm a non-donor pleb I wait in the queue.. fast forward 30 minutes and I come back from doing a few things and I'm in the relative back of the queue. Next 30 minutes I decide to wait at my computer and the SAME thing happens...
    Look at the picture wowoowwowowow!0_1467078657598_NillysTilted.png

  • ikr the same things are happening to me right now

  • happens to me all the time, i get like half way through and then get connection failed and restart at the top. sucks man. it might either have to do with your own internet or just with the server being so busy. idk tbh.

  • thats kinda happening to me but instead it says account in use

  • @furykiller you have to wait for the account in use to run down, for however long it says to wait. ie; if it says account in use (4:50:15) you have to wait 4 hours 50 mins and 15 seconds. so you just keep the NR client open for that long and if you come back close enough to the time that it says, you will find yourself in game. if not, hopefully your account wont experience the same error the next time you try to join the game.

  • @sheeeit its gone but when i had the problem it didnt say any wait time

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