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    smh liars

    when people talk about something alot, shouldn't you bat an eye? maybe somethings really wrong and you just haven't noticed it. Well i'd like to direct you to one question
    Why haven't @NR-Staff nerfed the boshy gun yet?
    Seriously, if you say your going to do something then you should do it. Currently, there are 4 people alive that own boshy guns. That's 3 more than it should be, and If an item is so devastatingly OP that it can plow through anything in seconds, why keep it ingame. Vexior, JavierXD, TheMemer and Fraeky (not sure if I spelled this name right) are all active players, and only one of them really deserves to have it.
    Another issue that you'd take notice of when you talk about boshy gun is ammys. Players normally wouldn't even want one, but when you have a once in a lifetime item then it becomes a different story. And, if you can get a boshy gun by all means are you entitled to having an ammy if you can get it. However When 1 ammy changes to 5, and 5 to 10 on one character, thats when people start to take notice. The amulet of ressurection is a shield, however a shield like any armor should start to wear down after awhile right?

    Count this as a double nerf, In TTT i'll be proposing some new, slightly less DANK MEME stats for our boshy gun, and breathe new life into our Amulet of ressurection.
    Let's begin.

    First, the elephant in the room

    Boshy Gun
    Tier: UT
    Description : "It was Boshy Time"
    Damage: 425 - 675
    Shots: 1
    Range: 16
    (PSpeed: 200)
    (PLTime: 800)
    ROF: 100%
    Fame Bonus: 5%

    (Unique Effect): The weapon will shoot 5 shots in quick sucession, but can only fire when they're are less than 5 projectiles on the screen.

    Let me explain why this is a nerf, along with a somewhat buff. The current ROF for the boshy gun is 50%, and even though this is slow, it's extremely powerful with the massive shot gun of 5 bullets coming out at once. This seems like an outright nerf to the boshy gun's main draw, it's 5 shot burst, but it isnt. The gimick of the gun is that you'd fire like Boshy from IWBTB, and whats the gimick for firing in that game?
    You can only have five bullets on screen
    The damage DPS, although reduced is still there, although it becomes much more of an aiming game rather than of just simply shooting and waiting for your enemy to die. If your enemy is off screen, you can easily hammer away at him if you land all the shots. If your enemy is infront of you however and per say, you miss your first attack you'd have to wait for that shot to hit a wall, or just fade out of existence. This buff changes the playstyle of the game drastically, changing the name of the game from spray and pray to aim and hope you dont miss.

    Now, onto the next part
    Theres a simple solution to this, and thats just to increase the price, or limit the amount of ammies a person can buy
    A shield wears down over time, and so do resources. Just because you play the game doesnt mean you should have infinite revives with your OP weapon.

    • 5 ammies per account
    • ammy price gets increased by 25k every ammy you purchase, client only.

    Wew lad, tell me what to fix below
    upvote if you liked this idea i guess.

  • Too long didn't read but 10/10 would do

  • I want to die

    @SantaClaus slurp slurp skeet skeet

  • Not saying Turtle is right on what should be done to the boshy gun but he is right that something needs to happen.

    Couple of thoughts/ideas:

    • Removal of boshy from game (thus Boshy gun can no longer drop). Replace boshy with mob that drops an ultra rare op item. Unsoulbound boshy gun. As for nerfing? If the proposed ideas that proceeded this happen, I'm tempted to leave it as is and see what happens. That or "break" all the guns and let them exist as sort of an achievement token.

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    @nilly You could do what kabam did.

    Make it a Cheater gun with like 1 dmg.
    Rare vanity item.

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    5 "per account" =no
    3-5 "per character" = sure why not
    dont take out the perma death in a perma death game

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    It's not like Boshy guns make people immortal. Can they now solo dungeons? Sure they can. Can they still get insta popped? You bet. This item is more often seen than other items such as z-saber and the fire dagger mega man drops, but it's what makes Nilly's unique. OP, never before seen, and hardly seen at all items.

  • Plebs

    If you do 5 bullets on screen...

    /mscale 5

    Machine gun

  • Detective

    remove ammy

  • Admin

    /mscale 5

    hit exactly nothing

    where would cheater come from

  • Boshy Gun needs Energy. It should have 50/50 energy. Each shot drains 5 energy. You gain 1 energy every month.
    If you invite friends and your friends reach rank 60, you'll gain 3 energy.
    Optionally, you can buy 10 Energy for only 79.99$ 74.99$ (sale!)

  • @Vasya Why don't we just troll ppl to where when they equip it it turns into fries?

  • First of all: im not a raper second of all nothing needs to be done to boshy gun we need to make him for better not to nerf it. and we need more stuff like boshy gun so the game would be more fun.

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    @Wiz00012345 It has to actually have some worth...

    imo its damage should be halved. Quick, easy temporary solution to boshy gun being stupid op.

  • @Potman I say no. I say we don't change it. It's really rare, ya know. You don't see one every day (Unless Vexior plays a lot).

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Wiz00012345 So are the Z-Saber, Fire Storm and the kid cape. But do you see nerf requests for those?
    Z-Saber, for example, has noticably more damage than a t14, and 1.2 more range. (it also passes through obstacles, but that isn't too important)
    Lets compare boshy gun to the t14 bow, the Bow of Deep Enchantment.
    3 shots on the bow, with 55-75 damage. 100% rate of fire, projectiles hit multiple targets.
    Boshy gun: 5 shots, 500-700 dmg (10x a covert) 50% rate of fire, projectiles hit multiple targets.
    Oh, did I forget to mention that it has over double the range of an average tiered bow?

  • @Potman You don't realize it's rare, do ya. It's not supposed to be something everyone has.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Wiz00012345 "So are the Z-Saber, Fire Storm and the kid cape. But do you see nerf requests for those?"

  • Everlasting Destiny

    @Dip said in Needs to happen:

    If you do 5 bullets on screen...

    /mscale 5

    Machine gun

    Nah, turn off ally projectiles :3

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    I generally don't like the idea of having rarity be the thing that 'balances' out items.
    But hey, thats just me.

  • Plebs

    @Knorrex said in Needs to happen:

    /mscale 5

    hit exactly nothing

    where would cheater come from

    The point I was trying to get across is that that rule is flexible

  • i have a fucking crazy idea :D why not make the bgun droprate 1:50000 and bring down the fire rate to 25%

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @ergona2.0 Because the people who already have bguns would bitch their heads off.

  • @Pringle said in Needs to happen:

    @ergona2.0 Because the people who already have bguns would bitch their heads off.

    well fuck them nilly should make ammy cost 500k and remove all current ingame ones

  • Why have Boshy Gun be the only broken item. Boshy Gun is an exceedingly rare item. Only a few Boshy Guns have been found, thus I think it should keep its status of a weapon of a player's dream. I propose the idea of another 1 in 10,000 item. Another "dream" weapon. A drop from everyone's favorite boss at Wave 30, Phoenix Wright D :

    The weapon would be either a sword, wand, or staff. It would have 800 - 800 damage, as Phoenix Wright does 800 base damage per shot.

    Wave 35 of Oryx Arena would drop a new item. The Storage Room key. The Storage Room would be a dungeon similar to Shaitan's Lair, in which Phoenix Wright will activate after a few seconds and chase players for invading his home.

    Just another Idea :3

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    @Xyn-AznDoctor 10/10 would kill everyone

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