Scammer PhantoYi

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    Here's the evidence:

    Basically, this guy @PhantoYi took 10k of my fame and continually gave me the wrong account info - im nt even sure if he actually had an account on prod, I think he was just continually giving me random emails and passwords to scam me.
    We then went into forum chats so that i could copy and paste the info to make sure i didn't make a spelling mistake, and he gave me a COMPLETELY NEW EMAIL, and then when that still didn't work he stopped replying to me and left Nillys so that i couldnt get a refund any more.
    He hasnt responded to me since.

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    @Robo should i just copy and paste it into there?

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    Just wanted to check, because I know that I'm unlikely to get a refund for my 10k (unless he decides to give it back to me), but is there enough evidence here to prove that he scammed me and get him banned?
    Or does he need to scam multiple times before he can get banned?

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    @LagoonZz All you need is one solid batch of proof.

    Videos are usually the biggest help tho.

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    @Pringle bandicam didnt work even tho i tried to use it it didnt record for some reason

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