90% of the Rings on NR Wiki are described as ''not-worth''

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    So i was browsing NR Wikipedia,beacuse I haven't played for a 1 year,and i wanted to check new things I haven't tested yet.When i checked every single description of rings made by NR people,90% of them were described as ''not-worth'' or ''worth only to complete set''.The only rings I've seen described good were Pizza Ring and Captain America Ring,so 2 rings out of 24 rings are described as ''worth it/good/powerful''.I'm making this post beacuse I want you to buff these rings.I think that there are rings that deserves it.Like,when someone's gonna join NR and he's gonna check the NR Wiki Rings,he has to choose from 2-5 rings,and I think that it's not enough.

    Tell me what do you think.
    PS:Don't blame me that i said only those 2 rings,there are another powerful rings,but these 2 are described as powerful and strong,the others are so so or just not worth-it.

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    Already reported like 3 months ago/

  • I don't care

    You do make a good point, but it's not completely right. It's way more than only two rings, But I agree that some rings need some buffing. Half the rings are just rendered useless and are out picked by the others.

  • @Charizard Agreed.

  • 27

    If any of them, its the st wizard set ring, because it is rare but COMPLETELY useless unless wanting to complete the set - i mean, its worse than a t1 hp ring with some extra stats which are also as useless

  • @LagoonZz I know! I hate those rings that are use to complete sets but are still complete donkey shit (Ex:Ring of Wishes or some shit like that)

  • Detective

    @Chaac ring of wishes,geb ring, st wizard ring and the forgotten ring that like its name is completely forgotten.

  • @"its-That-Guy." :laughing: Nice one

  • Detective

    Thanks :)@Chaac

  • @"its-That-Guy." No problemo :D

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