Wand of Pristine Enviroment

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    Is It the best wand in the game? or does anything outclass it

  • It has best DPS among all wands, but its quite useless against high DEF enemies.

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    I'd use something else on avatar, o2, and o3.

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    So I could keep a cwand on me for those times

  • @Techlagger Yes, it's always a good idea to carry one in your pocket.
    In conclusion, it's a very useful wand. It has higher fire rate, more dps, can pierce through obstacles. But it can't pierce enemies and as i said - useless against high def enemies. So i'd say you should have a tiered wand + cwand + pristine in your inventory.
    Tiered - Clearing groups of monsters
    Cwand - High def enemies
    Pristine - DPS

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    @Vasya Thanks for the help :)

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    is the shot pattern similar to that of a staff? Im just confused because i think it has 2 shots but idk how they work

  • @LagoonZz The arc gap is low and there is no amplitude & frequency, so it shoots like Double Bow.

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