Should the whole server be wiped?

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    I personally want it to be.
    Since then the economy will be fixed and we can re-add solo arena or oa and prices will go back up :D

  • Wipe the whole server just because of the economy?

    No. There are other ways.

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    @Hoe wrong word - just the price of everything went up and its fun when u have to restart - unless ur the only one

  • Lolicons

    I don't think nilly wants to re-rank everyone after a db wipe. There's no real reason other than "we want to" or "the economy will be better (and then the WHOLE damn problem would repeat itself in the future.) It would also screw over everyone who rwt'd as well as creating scammers trying to sell their items to unknowing players who aren't aware of an imminent wipe.

    I say no, it would create more problems than it would "fix."

  • @Aki "its fun to restart" So just because you find it fun the server should be wiped? Dude here are people that worked months to get where they are now. Not only chars and shit will be wiped, guilds and every other shit as well. Just no.

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    @Hoe guilds are easy to remake <------
    and alot of other people would want a wipe
    not just me... -.-

  • @Aki "easy to remake" look at grondas or divines guild dude, also the only people voting for a wipe would be the ones who dont have shit to lose, but in the other way people who have shit to lose will vote against. But its generally a bad idea, and as wizard said it would cause more problems than it would fix.

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    @Hoe i voted for a wipe last time there was a discussion about it - i has 2 5/8's and 1 8/8 at the time...

  • Lolicons

    @Aki Your only counter-argument was "guilds are easy to remake", which means you obviously haven't thought this through.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    pls dont
    i worked hard for my fame
    voting for not wiping the server.

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    @Wizardism if you would be determined enough you would be on the exact moment the server comes back up and you could remake the guild and re-invite everyone when they come on - yes the guild upgrades are messed up but...

  • Lolicons

    @Aki That's only if they are determined and online right away, otherwise their guild can be stolen within hours. There are still much larger problems than guilds being deleted, just read what we said and respond to that.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    I don't see it causing any good.

    It will only cause many players to quit, It will destroy days to months of progress, harming the NR community, spamming the forums of rage topics, and a general negative wave of everybody who disagreed.

    All this for what? 'Fun'?
    I think the majority are having 'Fun' right where they are right now.

  • @Aki A wipe just wont happen, it would be too much work for nilly, he would have to re-give the rank of every donor, staff or whatever else. He would have to re-do everything, which he probably dont have time for. And I can imagine alot of complaints and everything and also the other problems we listed above. Its just not worth it to wipe the server just because you and some other want to restart...Youre just selfish. But I do agree with the economy, it needs to be fixed.

  • How would a wipe fix the market ? If anything people would probably re sell stuff as it originally was and if that doesnt happen then prices would just fall overtime. Also server wipe is unfair for players who have played for months ( ive been playing for like a week ;D ) and it would really suck to see all of that progress go to waste. Also when it comes to guilds/names people could just steal them so the original owner now cant get their guild name or their character name since someone wanted to steal it. Also about people with boshy gun now they would lose a pretty good weapon that they will probably never find again. Also what about about the people with donor ? I dont see a way how this is going to be given back to all players who have bought it.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    Although a wipe would fix the broken economy and maybe OA but like @ImPotato said donors would get reset names would be taken all that kind of stuff would be fixed yes. But do you want accounts and names to be reset when we can just fix the economy are selves.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    My problem with the argument that it will 'fix' the economy is that in a few months, It will just break again.

    It's like going back in time and keeping everything as is. You're simply repeating history, are you not?
    Wiping isn't a permanent fix, it is simply a temporary one. The only problem is the temporary one will hurt the server more than keeping it as is. If your intentions are to find a fix for the economy, look elsewhere.

  • nilly could do a db wipe and have the people who recently donated get the rank back but those who did ages ago lose it because that was alot of people also...
    the economy would be fixed for 3-4 months and then start to drop again so there needs to be something to keep it stable :\

  • Shitposter

    No we don't need a wipe, a lot of people would quit NR, and the forums would be filled with rage posts.

  • @Techlagger the rage posts would be well deserved but it is needed because if it keeps going like this NR is going to have everyone staking it rich while fresh players are going to stay poor because nobody will need to buy anything anymore because everyone is going to have everything

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    @ergona2.0 you agree with a wipe?

  • @Aki i do very much also it would allow me to no longer have 2 accounts with a fire storm each...

  • I want to die

    wipes are cool for older people so they can start over again and rebuild without buying anything, they want to restart the economy

    wipes aren't cool for the "middle" people because they want to keep their sICK LEWTS

    wipes dont really affect new people in a way other than the "OMG WHERE IS MY CHARACTER??"

    i want a wipe

  • Well nillys stated 3 times in discord that a wipe wont happen like a day ago or so. Rip your dreams.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @Hoe Thank you.

  • Personally I believe that a data base wipe would be a great thing for nilly's. True fans of the game enjoyed it most in the days of old when everyone was dirt cheap and you built the game from the ground up, the servers are over populated with 12 year olds who rwt and ruin the game and honestly cheating is going to happen the longer that the server is left as is. I saw way less god moders in the two hours I played last night then in my first ten minutes of ever playing nillys. I joined late and honestly it isnt very fun to be able to go buy all my potions and max a char. The reason this game use to be fun was getting better with each death and maxing legit. Sever wipe pls!!!

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