As i said - prod fags...

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    I get called a scammer when i say he goes first with cland - i go fine take the life -
    he nexuses - hahahaha rekt faggit
    me: you are really that desperate?
    him: no you suck hahaha a poor faggot
    me: he still doesn't know i have 2 chests of life and 2 pixies on my mule
    him: fuck you scrub you cant afford a life
    me: you couldn't afford anything so u scammed someone - you dont have a life

    • i show him my QoT
      him : wow nice! can i use your account please? i will give you back life -
      gives me life - i ignore him
      lmfao - prod dickheads really?

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    I didnt read that All i saw was @Noah_ 's comment and the QoT part

  • Touching story m8

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