The Entire Maze Map by Hoyt

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    So in light of a possible wipe I decided to do something I have been thinking about for a long time, make a complete map of the maze in Nilly's realm.

    The Map
    The Map

    I have not marked any of the items of interest on the map, such as the chests and coral gifts, however if anyone wants to fill it in and post here feel free. I also have not marked the path to the Pandora and Grand Sphinx.

    I hope everyone enjoys.


  • @Hoyt yes , someday i will make a compleate maze-run myself later and search for all chests / guards and gifts.
    it will be hell but worth at the end (#pray4noservercrashthen)

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    just what I wanted


    Path to the center.

    Thank me later for my amazing MSPaint skills.

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    @Shotbow Yea I was pretty sure I saw another path to the center thanks for putting in the time to find it!

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    You have to think about Tricksters and how they can teleport through the maze unless you fix and no teleport to other players

  • Wake me up inside

    reposting for easier reference next time

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    @milktea thanks

  • Banned

    Damn, this looks really useful!

    I'll save this for later :P

  • Donor

    Awesome job, I've been wanting to do this for a while, but you beat me to it I guess :p
    Even though you haven't put them on the map, do you actually have the locations of the chests and cgifts? I'd like to find a (somewhat short) path by all of them, but I only have the locations of about half of them.

  • i did the entire maze solo on a 2/8 wizard because i was farming dex got a pacman key accidentally opened it and cleared the whole thing... i got 2 cbows and a crap ton of random pots by the time i finished the whole lot i had gotten a jugg 5/8 and cap seal xD

    (i also did the whole pandora solo)

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    @ergona2.0 ikr you have done everything in this world

  • @TheJokeR no but i have done almost everything in NR also i have done probably more in this world then you will ever do so howboutchu fuck off :)

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    Am sorry for necro bumping but I dont want to make a topic already discussed.
    Since everyone gets lost when taking the downwards route I also outlined it now on milktea's share of shotbow's upper path outline map. (Dont worry about the black blockages, was thinking of blocking the wrong paths but got bored)

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