Roll it Back!

  • Many players have been making rash decisions based off of the assumption that the server would be wiped. However, now that there is no wipe, many players are left in the same state they would be in if there was one. People suicided. They donated some items and sold others cheaply. Some players have to characters and no items, but the duper and the people he donated to have extra fame, char slots, items, and vaults.
    The server should be rolled back to before nilly announces the possibility of a wipe, or even further-- to before the dupe. This way, everything goes back to normal.

    Comment your opinions of what Nilly should do to bring his realm back to its past glory.

  • Why roll it back lol??

  • Doge Club

    Just whipe your tushy.

  • Lolicons

    People who suicided on the possibility of a wipe are kinda dumb. They don't deserve a rollback for their stupid choice if there's no wipe.

  • @ItsThatRektGuy I didn't actually do any of that. And I do not have a wipe, because there was no wipe. The only death I had was on a character I made yesterday, so it wouldn't actually affect me if there was a rollback. I'm just saying the rest of the community would greatly benefit.

  • @Novachiz nilly didn't say that there is no wipe, its still possible so we have to wait until nilly gives us an answer if wipe or not.

  • 27

    No wipe for a while doesn't mean "There will be no wipe".

  • Ah. I didn't see the original post, so I wasn't informed correctly. Which thread did he announce it on?

  • Member Of The Mafia

    The only sort of stupid decision I made was buying the other emotes. I still don't regret getting the white bag emote, because I've been getting more white bags lately to use the emote C:

  • bad idea

  • i suicided all but my best gear xD (2 fire storms sadist blade and bear sword)

  • Lolicons

    No point in a rollback...

  • C L I C K T H E C I R C L E S

    I personally want rollback since i froze in oryx castle and insta popped randomly after i closed wrong tab. I had pristine hellfire pizza ring and fulmi so im all the way for wipe or roollback

  • 27

    @MysteriousGamer so the only reason that you want a rollback is because of selfish personal gain?

    Nilly's not gonna take any of that into account when he decides you know.

  • Wiki Editor

    Well... guess what? People who fell for it... their fault.

    It's like a fake jeebs... everyone's like ":fire: JEEBS :fire: :fire: JEEBS :fire: :fire: JEEBS :fire:"

    And then person who says it lies and leaves, and everyone's sitting there like "wtf" and have wasted 10 minutes of their life looking for some other good sources of loot.

    So... when nilly said that there is a possible wipe, everyone started rioting: ":fire: WIPE :fire: WIPE :fire: WIPE :fire:" and then their dreams get crushed when nilly plays a prank right after people suicide half of their characters.

    Good job @nilly, the good old dream crusher.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Through this entire topic, I didn't see a single reason to actually roll back the server.

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    @Pringle But do you have any other explanation for Nilly to kill chars such as Vexior with bgun if there wouldn't be a wipe / some sort of change coming?
    Or did vex do something to piss off Nilly? I havent been around for the last week so I'm behind on the news.

  • Lovecraft

    rollback- no. their own fault. i gaveaway 15k fame and almost suicided 8/8 3.5k archer.
    no regrets.
    wipe- yes. dupe been going for months and kinda ruined market.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @LagoonZz Could of been a joke, ask vexior himself how he died.
    DrDrag posted this pic in discord:

  • Shitposter

    If we fucking roll it back, Ill kill myself

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Techlagger I've seen men kill for less.

  • Shitposter

    @Pringle I'd honestly rather full wipe than roll back xD

  • no Please no
    Economy fixes itself
    Dupers cannot be fixed, always making fake emails
    Just put a verification email (fixes few but not all problems)

    Yeah no its not gunna be fixed xD

  • Banned

    @TehNoobSZ IP bans carry over to the duper's whole wifi connection.

  • kk. illuminati.

    are u part of a hacker group. Just kidding, everyone knows dat

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