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    My first video in like 2 years, I only have subs because I used to actually make videos but my channel was hacked and every video deleted and I decided to revive it today :D

    check it out<3

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    @Onionmilk why tf not record loot or atleast killing boss people dont like this kinda thing very little effort put into it looks like u made in moviemaker in 5 mins

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    @barney I don't see the part in the title where it says loot montage now do I? If you don't want to see this then based off the title where it's just doing npe then dont watch it and also not everyone's a skilled editor so instead of your rubbish post just help the guy out.

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    @barney look at the desc of the video disrespectful cunt

    @BoomNeo <3 ty, the reason I got like no loot was half of it was spent leveling up so :P and yeah I'm new to sony vegas so I only know really basic stuff but I'm trying to learn :)

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    wth is this? Advertising channel?


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    @Onionmilk I like.
    Makes me want to npe.

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    @Noah_ ty :)

  • This is so bad. At the end of ep, one u have barely lvl 20 and shit stuff... wow.
    (Ye, i skipped to end)

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    @Wiz00012345 It's a short video, and instead of just putting loot I fast forwarded my whole time playing. I could've made it longer and just loot, and if that seems better I can do ep 2 like that because I have more footage now. Do you expect me to have like tops or some shit at the end of a non shortened NPE video where I played for like 20 minutes?

  • @OnionMilk Well I do expect u to just show loot. And in NR, getting tops is ez.

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    It wasn't a loot montage though?

  • subbed sik channel

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    @Onionmilk I think what Wiz is trying to say is that if you are going to make a video, you are probably going to need to spend more than 20 mins of playtime to make a video that will receive a lot of support. Not trying to say that its bad, but it could be a lot better by just putting in a bit more effort and spending a bit more time.
    If you spend 5 hours, for example, you will likely have enough clips to be able to cut out the bits of the video that arent as interesting. I know that it isnt a loot montage, but if you only include the loot that you get it can still be an npe because you go stay on that character and show all of the relevant drops such as pots and items that are relevant to your char. I'm not saying that I could do better than you, because I know how hard npes can be, but I'm just looking at what the popular npes on youtube include and they pretty much all just cut to the important bits.
    Please note that this is just my opinion.

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    @LagoonZz thank you for the criticism, I've actually been gathering only loot clips and editing them together and I have about 3 hours worth of playtime in loot clips :package:
    When I post my 2nd one, would you mind seeing if I improved?

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    @Onionmilk Sure, no problem :) (if i manage to see it, I'm going on holiday for the next two weeks so i might miss it for while)

    Also, I'm thinking of making a few vids too but I think that I will need to get a new computer first because my laptop aint great atm and i dont know how much playtime i will be able to store on my computer.

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    What screen recorder would you reccomend getting?

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    I use OBS to record, but you have to tweak the settings a bit to change it for recording instead of streaming. Otherwise, the scene option and stuff are extremely helpful and the program is free so I would recommend that.

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    @Onionmilk ok ty I'm going to clear some space and try it out :)

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    @LagoonZz @Onionmilk
    just want to back up what he said that obs is great

    and yah im waiting for wipe to start my npe

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    @LagoonZz OBS is a web recording software, so it's one of the only piece of software that can record NR without weird visual glitches.
    @Onionmilk Needs WAYYYYYY more clips and footage. What would be nice is at least an hour of footage, and none of the 10 minutes trying to find the penta.

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