Scammers with alts

  • Recently it has come to my attention lot's of people getting scammed by old scammers.

    Or people getting scammed by an alt account!

    So did @portfishy , he got scammed by an alt of @barney , he traded with a 0 star account named BarneyYT
    (so is my guess)
    @portfishy wanted to buy my pixies but got scammed by @barney for 28k
    Just a moment later @swagmatron messages me that he is selling 28k
    Which he says he is doing on a 0 star account. That's called BarneyYT. Seems legit?
    So he buys my mad god ale for 28k and now I have it, I got the 28k.

    Also @swagmatron s account is made 9 days ago!

    So guys what do you think of this matter, should I give it back to @portfishy or keep it (huehue) or give it back to @swagmatron ?

    Also I am not sure if @swagmatron is a scammer though, but I think some people can connect the dots I made.

    But then this came to my awareness:



    if that wasn't convincing enough, this will be:


    Good enough? And obviously @swagmatron is going to say he bought the account, but we all know @barney would only scam off it.

    Soz for luring: @nilly @DrWhen

  • Famous Forumers

    give it to me kek
    Give it to port if he asks for it.

  • @Dkjsahfhds port asked for it

  • Famous Forumers

    @obamabin Then ye

  • RototoLyfe

    @obamabin huh. Seems suspicious. Maybe just watch out for them? Keep an eye on them tis all. But if Barney is Swagmatron for 100% (the dots perfectly connect), then they should both get punished. >: Just my thoughts.

  • @Jmn but what to do with 28k of fame.

  • RototoLyfe

    @obamabin hmmmmmm..... Give it to @portfishy . He didn't get a fair deal :P

    Not enough for refunds though :/

  • Found some new evidence! Good 'nuff? Okay let me get back to sleep now it's 8 AM....

  • Famous Forumers

    @obamabin Gods don't need sleep

  • @Dkjsahfhds got to act like a normal human tho ;)

  • RototoLyfe

    FO sure this is evidence of them both being the same.

    Time to do a thing I haven't done in a while ;)

    Barney and Swagmatron have gotten...


    Sorry, just had to ._.

  • Good job obama

  • Banned

    swagmatron is in my guild (yours too obama).

    I'm going to ask him if he has a forums account.

  • Wait, so swagmatron is a scammer? If so he is going to get kicked.

  • @Hoe he has same prod account as @barney so I guess it's barney, but I am talking about @swagmatron on forums not in game, he is probably same person tho.

  • Lolicons

    I would
    ban the hell of them

  • Tonight, an all new Law & Order, NR, featuring obamabin.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @EXPOSER said in Scammers with alts:

    Tonight, an all new Law & Order, NR, featuring obamabin.

    Id watch it

  • That's what IP ban is for.

  • @Moloch thanks :D

  • Banned

    @Moloch And that's what tor is for.

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