was playing mc and got a skeleton trap no problem but then this is what i saw and i called bs xD

  • so a skeleton trpa is a skeleton horse that when you get close to will spawn 3-5 skeleton horsemen with some pretty op gear and fast skeleton horses but i killed all the horsemen and wanted a skeleton horse xD so i tamed one then read the wiki xD
    0_1468422371746_yeah right.PNG

    and proof mc wiki is crap xD

    0_1468422387690_proof of mc wiki is bs xD.PNG

  • Wiki Editor

    Gud shit bruh. Dammit wiki... xd

  • @Creeper when mc wiki is bs xD also the seed im on only has 4 islands and the closest mainland is 5000+ blocks away xD and its got a water temple like 500 blocks off spawn xD

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    @ergona2.0 wtf mincreft is a kids game

  • @loudman42069 nah i am playing on hardcore with a uhc modpack where i have no natural health regen and i have to properly forge my weapons in a forge its intense af xD

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