Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.II ⌠Highlands Hero⌡

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    Chapter II: Highlands Hero

    Characters: Nilly, Alice, Culstist, Ergona II, Creeper, Pringle
    First person perspective: Pringle

    We didn't know which idea was better: turning back, or going forward. At this point we couldn't see anything in either direction. The grass began to fade, and the trees began to die. The air grew still, and no monsters were in sight. The sun up high was frying us alive, and we knew we had to get under some shelter. Nilly's immense hunger grew, and so did cultist. You'd think he would of eaten his cooked steak, but he never did. I don't think he remembers he put it in his backpack. The floor soon was nothing but sand blowing through the air, and we began feeling dehydrated.

    We knew things were going to take a dark turn if we didn't do something fast. It didn't even matter what we did, because at this point we could use anything. Off in the distance we saw a few trees, and lushious grass. Before we could even see the water, we felt it in the ground. Whether or not it was a mirage was far past our realms of concern. Nilly warned us that this particular area is bound to have enemies, but by the time we crawled over there there we none. Sitting in the middle was a partially looted chest with a strange figure next to it.

    He was a man who wore all black, and spoke very little. He didn't really look like he wanted anything to do with us, seeing as he carved "Go away" into the sand. He even insisted on making a line and telling us not to cross it. It's not like it mattered anyways, as everybody but me was practically swimming and drinking the clear water. I decided not to waste my time with the man and got my fill aswell. The strange man with the katana suddenly fell to the floor. This time cultist actually noticed him and began to cast his spell on him. With a quick slice, his spell was in two. Cultist fell to the floor, quietly sobbing, over the death of his toilet paper.

    After a few minutes of checking on our new friend, he claimed he was a ninja. He must of been far from his home, as I haven't seen any ninjas in realm for years. He demanded food, as he was starving. Cultist too began talking about how hungry he was, or I assumed he was, as he was still mute. Suddenly, our worst fear come from burnt lands and rocky ground. Blue and cyan shots, almost as clear as the water, swiftly passed by us. A few hit nilly and alice, and you could tell they where in pain. Cultist, not having many options of attack, hid behind a tree and waved his magical stick in the air.

    I began having flashbacks of my previous attempts at trickster, and I knew I shouldn't teleport anywhere near the strange beast. His scaley hide seemed to almost reflect my projectiles back at me, and I know for a fact cultists projectiles were doing the same as one hit me in my arm. Thousands of shots traveled in my direction, and I knew our time was nearing an end. A strange blast came from behind us, but we were in no position to see who or what it was. I quickly rolled out of the way from the shots, but somebody didn't. The blast soon had a face, and I saw the mighty paladin.

    I then watched my wounds seal, and my legs gain stability. We all rose to fend off the leviathan, but we were still not equiped to do so. The paladin, who identified himself as Ergona the II, rushed in. He was pretty much using his seal as a sheild. Strangely, his seal then began to glow like lava in a volcano, and we all felt as if we could take him on. A wave of our efforts met the leviathans neck, and his shots met ours too. But Ergona II, the paladin, stood strong tall. He slashed the head clean off the wicked beast, and in the cavity we saw fresh red meat. We all immediately knew what had to be done. Before we could even reflect in our kill, we had the beast's hide turned into strong hide armor for Alice, Creeper, and I.

    Night once again fell upon us, but this time we were grateful. The sun was finally off our necks and we could fully open our eyes. The powerful paladin offered us all a refreshing beverage, and we accepted with without any words other than our thanks. We felt strong, despite not being well geared apart from our armor, and we for once felt like we could take on anything. Ergona and Nilly both played with their die, gambling away colorful rocks they found in exchange for items equally worthless. Alice and Creeper both were making the leviathans skull into a hat as a gift to Ergona, the paladin. Things for once were looking up for us, but we knew we must eat well. For in the distance was a tall black castle. We all took a well needed rest, for once having all our needs filled.

    Want to join the adventure? Leave a comment down below with your class and personality. Who knows, you just might find us!

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    @Pringle Really cool story. Waiting for chapter 3.

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    Glad you guys are enjoying it!

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    @Pringle I'm pretty sure you don't need to make multiple topics of this..
    but sure, w/e u want bro

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    @Moeyama Don't get me wrong, I'd love to shove them all In one topic.

    But when I tried it looked REALLY bad. I wish they had a page system.
    Plus theres plenty more chapters to be done. I'll create a topic to link them all at the end.
    Trust me, I'd really like a way to not have to produce multiple topics.

  • @Pringle i fucking love it :D <3

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    let me in iet plz

    Priest, cuz.
    Silent, helpful. cuz.

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    @Moeyama Alrighty.

    Chapter III has been created and will be posted 2maro. You and others might have chance to get in Ch IV. ^^

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    is it down???

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    @caden963 T..T... What? Is what down? Why did you post here?

    If you're talking about the server, then this is the wrong place to ask.

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    is nr down official thred none is chatting so stfu

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  • if orxy is sleeping im sleepiing

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    Good story once again ^~^

    Btw, might as well try again :)

    Character: Necromancer

    Personality: Worried, but helpful.

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    lol right???

  • I fap to dank memes

    @Pringle Omg I want to be a character!!!!!

    Class: Archer (first 8/8 character so why not lmao)
    Personality: fuck nigga idk... uh... edgy af, brave, caring, romantic (ayylmao lemme fucc) and funny (nah 4real tho just like, funny and a huge fucking coward, pretty much sums me up)

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    @Mysterious We could use an archer! Hope we cross paths. c;

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    I will apply again kek:
    Class: Sorcerer
    Personality: kinda retarded, funny, helpful

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    @loudman42069 Trust me, we've already bumped in to you. c; (U'll find out 2maro)

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