Harbinger's Bard(Wand Concept) <--------Happy now?

  • In a few hours I will have it all formatted and done for ypu guys to judge so please wait patiently! Thanks!

  • 0_1468541965742_Wand (2).png
    0_1468543113160_Shot (2).png
    Name: Harbinger's Death Barb
    Desc: "I watched as my master fell... The pain was unbearable and so with the pain I forged a bard so violent the only way to contain its powers was deep within the asylum, guarded by something as watchful as myself... "
    Damage: 20-130
    Effects: Goes through obstacles
    RoF: 60%
    Projectiles: 5
    Projectile Size: 80
    Speed: 80
    Lifetime: 600
    Amplitude: 0.5
    Frequency: 0.5
    Arc Gap: 6
    True Range: 2.35
    Range: 4.8
    Drop Location: Asylum Loot Eye
    0_1468542834524_Whit bag.png
    Drop Chance: 0.003
    Bag Type: 6 (White)
    Why is this item balanced?
    While it does have much higher dps than most other wands it comes with the price of not being able to pierce enemies. It also has a very short range of 4.8 for a wand and is a pretty rare white from an enemy that doesn't drop one.
    How is it unique?
    It is a drop from the infamous Asylum Loot Eye know to kill many players with its op rock bombs, and it is unlike any wand in the game sacrificing range and piercing for overall damage.

  • Here it is any suggestions? XD I hope I formatted it correctly

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    You should probably change the title. I think you accidently used Ps instead of Os. ^^

    Also I think the wand looks good!

  • CLOSE ENOUGH XD But seriously is it a cool concept?

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    @Ihavecancer You can change it any time by editing your post by clicking on the 0_1468536353047_upload-7d04c2f2-41ac-46ac-ba15-8a8b103db5a9

    But I guess its cool. We did just have a wand with 3 projectiles come out recently tho. c;

  • ah I actually forgot about that ILL ADD MORE SHOTS THEN!!!

  • Ok updated and tweaked to me more unique!

  • 0_1468545437566_Ring (2).png 0_1468545440617_Robe (2).png 0_1468545444098_Scepter (2).png
    Possible whole set? Tell me thoughts on sprites and I will add the stats to all of them!

  • Lolicons

    @Ihavecancer alright I personaly love the sprites but 20-130 damage with 5 shots? That's a no no

  • remember it has a range of 4.8 and a true range of around 2.2 to 2.35 due to wavy shots (o.5 frequency and amplitude) so it requires the player to get extremely close to the enemy to land the insane dps it has but landing 2 to 3 shots is going to be a norm with this weapon. It ill have about the dps of recomp if you land three shots and will scale up drastically as you land 4 or all shots it is in my opinion a risk v. reward weapon so it is pretty balanced

  • Also I worked hard on the sprites so thanks! <3
    also wand classes arent the tankiest classes although priest is tanky it wouldnt have as much dps as a sorc and it also doesnt pierce enemies keep that in mind it only goes through obstacles

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