Selling Santa Hat Account

  • So as you can see, I'm selling a santa hat account, and thats all it has, it has like 6 or so character slots which ofcourse, are accidentally purchaced, and almost all if not all the vaults.

    The account has an email I cannot give full access too, so when trading I will ask nilly to change the email to the one desired or a new email I create and can give full access too.

    Offers I'm looking for:
    CSGO stuffs (least preferable)
    Prod Items (most preferable)
    Prod Account (not very preferable because high risk)

    (I have a single vouch from a person I just sold my NR Account too - he went first and I supplied - Newbyleel)

    And I'm also looking for a good multi account.

  • offer me - I have no idea how much it is worth but I'm hoping for atleast a good amount
    (if the santa hat was tradeable in nillys I'd presume it would be worth a decent amount, but not quite sure, so I'd base how many prod items off that amount)

  • @ItsThatRektGuy how many are you willing to pay for it? (this will give me an idea of what I should sell it for and if I feel its good I'll sell it to you)
    edit: and if you know its exact worth please do not rip me off, since I don't know what its worth


    i have account :P knight 6/8 1700 bf 2 char slots, 3 vaults chests
    in vault tablet + dbow
    knight have: pixie,ogmur,acrop,ubhp
    no pet
    rank 6
    Yeah, its one of my multibox account >.<

  • 27

    @giuen On NR is holy shit many multiboxers, dun worry m8 :D

  • @giuen this is on prod? im actually interested. (this account isnt donor btw)

  • dailerino bumperino

  • .......................................wellthen kinda annoyed but mmk

  • @ergona2.0 heh - its been a long time and I think the price of this hat has definitely gone up - and I suspect I have one of the few accounts that have one. And since I don't play anymore I'm sellin' it.

  • @Tori the people who still have them dont play so they are lost hats and they havent gone up in price but i would sell it for prod items not for an account but if you want to buy for an account ill sell you one as a trusted person x.x

  • @ergona2.0 can i see some screenshots of the acc? Ill also show you some of the screenshots of santa acc

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Weed

    i buy 30 life on prod???

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    @caden963 kek 30 life is only like 9 dollars and this acc is worth like 15

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Weed

    200??? pls

  • @loudman42069 so i should sell this account for 15$? its not donor.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Tori Maybe 20-30 due to santa hat.

  • @loudman42069 oooo interesting

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Tori Account without santa hat is worth 12-15, but with santa hat you can sell it for like 30 or more.

  • @loudman42069 Now I gotta find a buyer

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    @Tori Thing is, everyone's coming back on prod 'cause of Deca Games planning on banning the spammers and updating and whatnot.

  • @Pyrouge Same, and I'm coming back and I'm gonna need a headstart - so I'm mainly looking for prod items.

    I quit after I lost my first jugg drop 2 months after I got it, and haven't played since today - and I just randomly found a resu the first day I'm back, so I'm definitely getting back into it.

  • Famous Forumers

    @Tori Lol, I should set up a page for that... Or I'll just buy from RPG stash xD.

  • @Pyrouge I've got a few places where I can buy UBHPs 75cents each safe and consistantly, but I'm not looking to spend my pocket money.

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