Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.III ⌠Sorcerer Shenanigans⌡

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    Chapter III: Sorcerer Shenanigans

    Characters: Alice, Ergona II, Creeper, Cultist, Loudman, MateUWant, Pringle
    First person perspective: Pringle

    I woke up still on the hot desert floor, and I look around seeing that Nilly is missing. I wake up the group and ergona tells me that he left to do some 'important' things. Me and him both understand this means he's in vault. We darted off in the direction of the castle, as it blocked out the sun from where we set camp. As we approached the castle, we were stunned in its beauty. The grandeur of the main entrance was startling to the entire group. However, the astonishment soon faded as the group hear fighting and shouting from a nearby tower in the castle. We slowly stalked the inside as lightning and flashes lit up the main hall.

    It was a man in red robes, a wand and a very shiny yet weak scepter. We could tell he has been here for hours seeing there was multiple empty mana potions on the ground. We tried to get his attention, but he seemed to be completely out of it. Cultist, clearly pissed off, walked in the way of the sorcerer and tried to say something to him. Within seconds he knew he had made a mistake, as the sorcerer pulled out his scepter and blasted Cultist into a trap. He then stared down at Cultist and told us not to kill him, for he would start a boss battle. We shrugged it off and tried to pull cultist out of the trap, but it was too late. The trap door closed and locked him inside. He then became unmuted and cursed violently at us to find a way out.

    Stumbling through one of the doors, a strange priest walked out. He wasn't like any priest I've seen before, and he was transparent and had a strange blue hue. Unfortunately for us, he then spoke. I will spare you for what I heard because it was annoying. Like, words couldn't describe how annoying this dude was. He claimed his name was MateUWant, and that he protects the halls of the castle. Or thats what I think he said, because we were cleaning the blood out of our ears. I think he said he wants to kill us, but he doesn't have a wand. After roughly a thousand mana points, Loudman realized he can't kill MateUWant and told us that we should move on.

    We walked through a towering doorway by opening one of the heavy doors. By 'we', I really mean Ergona as he was the only one despite nilly who was able to do it. Looking into the expansive room, we saw a funeral taking place. All of the guests had the same ghost-like features MateUWant had. Once we stepped into the room, a strange ghostly figure standing in the middle looked up at us. His head boasted a golden ornate crown. Alice quickly grew interest in it as he walked down to him. I could tell Alice wanted to strike up a conversation with our transparent host, but it was quickly ended when the guards drew their bows. He screamed running from his life, as seemingly hundreds of blue arrows where shot towards us.

    We could hear cultist on our way out, and we could tell that he was pretty pissed. After a few unfunny ghost jokes from Creeper, which was unsual because he didn't really talk much, Cultist screamed in rage and disconnected from the realm. Unfortunately, Creeper wasted our get away time as the ghost king and his archers entered the main hall. We rushed at the king, but MateUWant and his archers kept healing back all of our progress. Loudman decided to trade his wand for the the priests tome. What at first sounded like a stupid decision, now gave us the ability to slay the archers. It's not like they where a threat anyway, they dealt really low damage.

    After what felt like an eternity, we had killed all but one archer. The last archer must have gotten scared or something because he hid inside the left castle wall from the entrance. After a few minutes and at least 300 t0 wand shots from the ghost priest, he finally came out to try and get a cheap shot on us. Alice lobbed his trap into the air and caught the archer. Through a few damage buffs, and around six mana potions, we managed to slay the last archer. The king realized the tables have turned, and he cowered in fear and then Creeper walked up to finish him off. We all got our loot, well, if you can call purple bags loot.

    Ergona screamed for about 3 hours in disbelief as he pulled out a huge glowing sword. Of course, the one guy who doesn't need a new weapon gets one, but thats just my salt speaking for me. I took the whitebag that he left on the ground and fashioned it into a backpack, which would be nice if loudman didn't shove his stupid tome in it. Now that we had cleared out the castle, there was little reason to stay. Little did Cultist know that disconnecting in the trap was a crucial mistake.

    Want to join the adventure? Leave a comment down below with your class and personality. Who knows, you just might find us!

    If you have not seen it yet, check out chapter II


  • been waiting for this bad boy to come out :D

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    @ergona2.0 Sorry to keep you waiting. ^^

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    So good <3

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    to bad i was not in

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    @thedanksec Don't worry, theres still plenty of room! c;

  • @Pringle yay

  • @Pringle said in Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.III:

    @thedanksec Don't worry, theres still plenty of room! c;

    kinda >:3 some people may have to die off but not forever :D

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    Oh yes... people are going to die. :D

  • @Pringle said in Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.III:

    Oh yes... people are going to die. :D

    we are the puppet masters of the realm we shall play the hand of god >:D

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    +1 for matching my personality and for a really good story

    btw when the next part will be out?

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    Tbh I wish I was in dis story XD

    3rd Try:

    Character: Necromancer

    Personality: Scaredy Cat, but helpful. (My forever Personality XD)

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    Class: Knight

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  • 9/10 eronga should die first

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    Pretty good @Pringle! Can't wait for future ones!

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