Belladonna's Child Set

  • 0_1468626398689_Sword1.PNG
    Belladonna's Sword of Aggression

    Tier: Special Theme Set
    Shots: 3 (over a 10 degree spread)
    Damage: 100 -125 (Average: 112.5 / 337.5 average total if all three shots hit)
    Stats: +1 DEX
    Range: 5
    True Range: 2.56
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Feed Power: 400
    Drop Rate: 1/450
    Drops From: Belladonna
    Belladonna's Armor of Protection
    Tier: Special Theme Set
    Stat Bonus: +23 DEF
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Feed Power: 435
    Drop Rate: 1/530
    Drops From: Belladonna
    0_1468647614463_Bellas Shield.PNG
    Shield of Bella
    Tier: Special Theme Set
    MP Cost: 110
    Width/Shots: 5
    Damage: 300-400 (1750)
    Projectile Speed: 16
    Range: 3.2
    Effect: Stun for 4.5 seconds
    Stat Bonus: +60 HP, +12 DEF
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Feed Power: 800
    Drop Rate: 1/602
    Drops From: Belladonna
    Bella's Ring of Magnificence
    Tier: Special Theme Set
    Stat Bonus: +120 HP, +2 VIT
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Feed Power: 300
    Drop Rate: 1/402
    Drops From: Belladonna

    Please share your opinions down below -ClarkK

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    This post is deleted!

  • @CancerMilkCat Ill work on it :D

  • RototoLyfe

    Sprites are not so pretty.

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    You also forgot the drop rate on the ring

  • The armor needs more shading, but i like everything else

  • @Lisbonmaru Will take into consideration.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Sprites :
    Sword's shading is a little bland, no? Armor too.
    Shield's shading is utter shit.
    Ring is okay, I guess..

    Stats :
    You can barely hit anything with the sword. Damage is okay-ish, but why a random increase of dex?
    That damage increase might be the new EP for swords, even though Pixie/Dblade is already the EP.
    Armor is just a Reskin.
    Stun for 7.5 seconds? you crazy?
    +40 HP, +12 Def? wow!
    Ring is just overpowered all the way.

    Overall :
    10/10 No add.

  • Shitposters

    @Moeyama It's a design, don't need to be so rude about it. +40hp isn't even much. the droprate of the items are 1/300 -1/602 this item, sure is op but so are many things in the game.
    This armor would be a great design in my opinion.

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    could you put a little hp boost on the armor to make it less of a abyssal reskin?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Not-A-Ninja Yes, +40HP might be not much, that's part of my problem,
    but a stun of 7.5 seconds is just too overpowered af,
    Also, that stun length for just a measly 110 MP, plus the amount of damage that shield does.

    The armor's shading is nonexistent, but I liked the sprite anyways.


  • @Moeyama nerfed it a bit tell me how you feel now :D

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    you just read my mind on the nerfs

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @ClarkK It's okay, honestly.
    Make HP to 120, change Dex into something like vit

  • @Moeyama alright, and done

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    have the armor get a vit boost also

  • @CancerMilkCat I think the DEF is fine by its self really

  • I don't really like the sprites, not enough shading and are a bit plain.
    The shield sprite is just a different coloured ogmur, and the armour is just a different coloured tiered armour.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    You have missing info such as:
    *Why is it unique?
    *Why is it balanced?

    -Sorry to tell you, but seems like you're new on spriting world, im actually impressed that you didn't use 16x16, normally begginers use them(don't use them for items do). They have no shadding and if they do, it is very poor.
    -Check this for some help(includes how to do shape and shadding(By Marty(AKA Faux)))

    -Its a lesser sadist...

    -Its a reskin...

    -Some buffs and longer stun... don't like that...

    -Mess with the stats a bit.

    -i have a question: You work on yours ideas a lot?(sorry if im rude)
    They lack of creativity.

    -Once you read marty's guide, give all the sprites some love.
    -Use this: it will help you balancing your sword.
    -On the shield, think about something that no shield has, like bleeding/slow/daze/etc...
    -For the ring, first think on what you want it to be(survival/offensive/defensive), then use the stats that you think could be good(but don't add a lot)

    Welp, thats all folks!

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @ClarkK forgot to tag you, there is my feedback ^

  • Denpaaa

    @ClarkK Nice Set 1+ its just not as good as a vine sword reskin alt text

  • I'll refrain from criticizing the sprites since everyone else has said what I would've and better than I could've. Plus, I suck at making sprites too xD. If anything, you're better. I'll just talk about the set itself.

    Sword: As others have said, it's basically a worse sadist. Although you didn't tell us rate of fire.

    Armor: Reskin of Abyssal, try to add other stats or something.

    Shield: Way OP.

    Ring: It's mediocre. but if you retooled the other parts of the set they could be combined into something overall greater than each individual part of the set (which is basically the whole point of sets).

    Overall thoughts: Not a fan. Even disregarding the fact that the armor is a reskin, the sword is a worse Sadist, the shield is op, and the ring is mediocre, the whole concept just isn't good. You're trying to give Knights def, vit, and HP, 3 things that knight have plenty of already. There's no need for this. If anything, you should try to come up with something inventive, unique, and fun. Keep working at it, eventually you'll get better. I'm still shit and I'm trying to get better.


    This looks like a good set, but we have to many whites in bellas.

  • Lolicons

    Someone might've already said this but the shield and the armor are reskins... MAKE IT ORIGINAL and use shading please

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