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  • Hi, i have been playing nillys realm for a while now. Im just wondering if there is gonna be a EU server soon. Its a really fun game but the lag hols it back. I live in the northern Europe so the ping from there isnt amazing. Would be awesome if Nilly could set up an Eu server. I know that costs money but i was thinking you could set up a pay system. So if u want to play on the Eu server u have to buy it to unlock it, that way u earn money to run the server.

  • Lolicons

    What you're suggesting is literally pay to play. nilly is against that.

    On the other hand, another server is currently in development. Just be patient, it should happen when nilly is comfortable with it and any issues/bugs are fleshed out and solved.

  • @Wizardism Thank you for anwering. I know im suggesting "pay to play" but a new server costs money and that was just one solution that came to my head. Thanks tho.
    Any clue how long the new server will take? and where the server would be?

  • Lolicons

    @LiiM3 No clue about how long it would take. It's likely that the server would be an EU server, but I can't be 100% sure.

  • @Wizardism ok ty

  • Lolicons

    He's delevopiing a new server, mostly likely not EU tho :/

  • @LiiM3 I live in the Netherlands but I have no problems with connection (mostly) over here. As wizard said Nilly doesn't like taking money for it. And in the end it won't add that much because queue are small these days.

  • @Claywhy how do u know, and why not in EU?

  • Lolicons

    @LiiM3 I said MOST LIKELY

  • Banned

    If this was put through, we would literally be worse than Kabam. Pay to win gives a slim chance of being good at the game, without spending money. Pay to play is a 0% chance.

  • #WIPE HYPE Banned

    seems like a good idea! +1 for da eu players

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