Tome of Aquatic Protection, Repost.

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    Name: Tome of Aquatic Protection
    Drops from: Coral Gift, 0.01 / 1%
    Description: A tome with the protection of the vast sea, made for the Mermaid Goddess.
    MP Cost: 130MP.
    Cooldown: [6 - Wis/25] if Wis ≥ 25. If not, 6 seconds. If Wis ≥ 50, Cooldown is 4 second max.
    Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed, +2 Vitality
    Stat Penalties: -3 Defense, - 3 Attack
    Healing Effect: [185 + [(Wis-3)/3]] if Wis ≥ 30. If not, 185HP.
    Healing Range: [5 + Wis/20]sqrs if Wis ≥ 30. If not, 5 sqrs.
    Group Effect: Regeneration for [3 + Wis/25]seconds at [4 + Wis/20]sqrs if Wis ≥ 30.
    Effect to Self: Invulnerability for [1 * Wis/30]seconds if Wis ≥ 30 . If not, a second. If Wis ≥ 45, Invulnerability lasts for 1.5 seconds max.
    Fame Bonus: 4%

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    This tome is a getaway kind of tome. When faced with high burst damaging bosses, such as Oryx 4 for an example, you may use this to temporary shield yourself for all damage nullified, while damaging Oryx for abit. If faced with a god-wall, you may use this tome, switch it with Holy Guidance for the speed boost, and get away easily. Players can not abuse because of it's high mana cost, and there is a long cooldown too. It's quite weak when compared to other popular tomes. Tome of Holy Protection is a nice replacement for this tome, as it heals 15 more HP then Aquatic Prot, gives the ability of a priest to tank like a knight for a short period of time. It gives a tradeoff of Defense and Attack for some Vitality and Speed

    [Edit : Changed around some Stat increments and Penalties, change Mana cost, Grp Effect now have a Range of Effect.]
    [Edit : Changed cooldown duration, changed HP healed from this tome. Changed Heal Radius.]

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    Interesting, but I would still take prot over it in many situations. Cosider lowering the MP cost to something comparable to prot

    EDIT: nevermind, just read the wisdom modifier. So something like 2.5 seconds? Thats pretty good. Balanced, I like it

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    @Potman huehuehue.
    Kinda lowered the mana cost by 5, just for the fun.


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    21 hour bump. Will update sprite later lelel

  • Lolicons

    I would probably take prot over orbit have this as a swap out,

    Sprite looks alright don't know what ik looking at but better than most people's

    Stats are good

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    Bump, minor changes to sprite.

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    Bump, changed cooldown, HP healed and Heal Range.

    EDIT : Decided to undo the cooldown change, kek

  • @Moeyama I think you ripped the picture, atleast for me.

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    @obamabin is it ok now?

  • @Moeyama yeah thanks!

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    Lower the mp cost ; I'd say

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    @Kled late reply, but no. Invincibility for a priest is a tad too op for a mere cost of 125 MP. Plus, the instant burst HP healed makes it more stronger than that of Paladin's Oreo.

  • If it's gotten to the point where you need to repost it, surely it's not going to be accepted

  • @ItsThatRektGuy said in Tome of Aquatic Protection, Repost.:

    @DrWhen DrWhen- Sorry for your loss, no reunds

    fixed that for you :b

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    @DrWhen Icadragon reposted wavebreaker :3

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