Dream world help please...

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    Alright, so I wanted to avoid making an actual topic about this in ANY WAY POSSIBLE. (because it's a stupid thing to make a topic about)

    So let's just get it done and over with: Where is the block in dream world that sets spawn, and what is it called?

    Can someone please supply me with a screenshot when the find it as well? The dream world is alphabetically sorted and it'll be the easiest to find it that way. I made a big dream world and I always went by the spawn rule that the most top-leftern block is set to spawn, but for some reason the spawn was set to a hidden room within the map because I went too low.

    Someone help me please? :(

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    go to regions and its literally the first thing selected, the green region

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    @yellow-or-alice OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Now I know why it got fucked up.

    So, I set the room with green region to give it a cool look. Now, is there anyway to revert it? (because with the top-leftern spawn shit, it was permanenet on the map).

  • @Hailtion erase with the region stuff selected

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    um, erase the region?????

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    @yellow-or-alice Final question: How do you control the spawns if you use multiple regions?

    Let's say I have a reen region, but I want players to spawn in the red region?

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    each region has a specific purpose.

    you cant have a red region have the purpose of a green region

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    @yellow-or-alice yep...

    Just read it on the regions...



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