Castle map???

  • So you start here 0_1469041372736_Giant castle start.png Then after that you go to the middle of the map where you will have 3 ways you can go.0_1469041450420_Giant castle middle.png If you go right you come to 5 ways you can go with some asylum loot eyes that stop rushers. 0_1469041745249_Giant castle right.png Then if you go back to the middle and go left you get another 5 ways you can go that also has asylum loot eyes stopping rushers from rushing...0_1469042042240_Giant castle left.png Then if you go up from the middle you get a pathway to the final boss. 0_1469042163648_Giant castle pathway to boss.png Then at the top you get the forgotten king as a final boss fight.0_1469042358751_Giant castle final boss.png Thanks for looking at this it took me a while to make. Here is a picture of everything.0_1469042601468_Giant castle the whole map.png

  • The text kinda got messed up a bit...

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    You over did it with lower lvl enimies
    How about a full zoomed out preveiw of map ?

  • I did @Noah_

  • 27

    We've got Pandora.

  • We shouldnt have The Forgotten King in 2 dungeons. The Bedlam room is way too small to fight him, most people would skip him if they had to fight him there. The colors dont really match, and even though the many bosses have their own terrarin, i think it should stay the same floor for the entire castle. Except for the carpet at the end, and the normal castle floor, the flooring needs some changing. (also keeping ghost ships water is okay ;) ) But i do like the idea of a 'boss rush' kind of idea. So... 7.5/10!

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @mimhere No.
    The full map. all the way zoomed out seeing it in a one image.

  • @Noah_ i just did???

  • I want to die

    the structure seems so bland and square.

    the tiles look bad together.

    4/10 apply yourself

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @mimhere I dont see it.
    Oh well.

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