Item Idea: The Eye

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    So I was at a skull shrine and I got the bow. Then I thought, Hmm. What if something dropped from the pentaract eye?
    So, here it is:
    alt text
    Projectile: alt text
    Name: The Eye
    Type: Katana
    Description: EYE see you!
    Damage: 50-75
    Fire Rate: 150%
    Range: 4.7
    Note: Ignores defense of target, pierces enemies
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Drop Rate: 1/1000
    This katana, while humorously designed, can to an extent help with enemies of very high defense, such as the asylum eye and bedlam. Its fire rate is great for test chests and anything that stays still.
    So what do you think?

  • I LOVE IT (even though i rarely play as a ninja)

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  • @BLOODQWEN The legendary memer, Bloodqwen. Never fails to make me laugh

  • @Spng ur just saying that - any admin is not funny period.

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    @Cutie nilly is funny
    B0l0ch is funny
    Shadiman our God

  • @Cutie Sounds like you've had a bad experience with an admin, and therefore think that all admins are dickheads. I haven't had any negative experiences with them, so I think what they do is pretty funny. H8 me if you want, doesn't bother me ;3

  • @Spng ok i take it back sorry xd

  • @Moeyama k nvm xd

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    third eye is open

  • the item sprite is a penteract eye, the projectile is the penteract eye's shot, the description is from the avatar, is there any part of this idea that you came up with yourself?

  • @UnIocked I really, really like the idea. My advice is to change the sprites just a litttttttttle bit. Like, maybe put the eye on a stick or handle or something. Maybe make it look like the eye was stuck on a blade after having been stabbed. Put black parts into the projectile since, well, reason should be obvious. With it coming from Penteract (Penteract eye but still) and everything. 8/10 babe

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