Really new player's inquiry -> How much does 1k fame go for?

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    I started yesterday, and I already like this much better than ROTMG (Never gotten my hands on some stuff like the coral trap before). That aside, how much do people buy fame for, if at all?

    EDIT : Sorry, forgot to mention that I was inquiring about $$$. Brb, gonna take a lava bath.

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    1$? Do you mean this?

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    Sorry, you must have missed the part where I mentioned I started yesterday ._. Thanks for your help though.

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    I didn't miss it.
    I'm just confused (every second post is confusing for me), cuz you didn't mention rwt or irl money.. ;-;

  • Wake me up inside

    it used to be 1k-1$, but people around have been offering attractive prices (1k- 50 cents(?) or so ) for bulk fame these days from what I have observed, and they also have vouchers, which you don't. I'm not trying to say that you can't sell your fame at normal price, but it might take a bit for someone to buy from you, factoring all the scenario's above.

    On a side note, be smart, do not be a victim of scammers.

    Good luck :)

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