I am f**king done...

  • Today I died with an 8/8 archer thanks to a guild mate f**king shit up in a Cdepths, and then once I get another 8/8 archer going- Lag happens and I instantly fucking get rekt by a djinn....


    Ugh, I just honestly want a refund but I know it's a philosophy to not even get any refund, and it's so depressing how I spent so much time and effort making two 8/8's only to see it go to waste by an act of a guild mate and by the act of server lag.... this is honestly pissing me off to the point where I might just stop playing for a while.

    0_1469250582740_First Archer Death.PNG

    First one caused by a guild mate....

    0_1469250616491_Second Archer Death.PNG

    Second one caused by lag in god lands, and thus getting instantly killed by being stepped on.....

    The first one was possibly my fault since I could've just nexused (Well, then again it took 0.8 seconds for me to die). The second one wasn't my fault- and I can't learn anything about it, and these deaths are what really make me mad. The point of ROTMG is to learn from your deaths and mistakes, but nothing was learned from the second death of my 8/8 archer on the same exact day....

    Edit: I calmed down a bit, I might just stay on the forums a while until I get over the death

  • Lovecraft

    @Elevict rip bro and dont pot till ur 400 base my rule xD

  • you know all your 'why would anyone care' 'no one cares about my existence' is just making you intolerably pathetic. I prefer ragers in the whine cellar over this. Also, while it does suck, you're planning on quitting after two 8/8 deaths, comparatively that's nothing

  • RototoLyfe

    @DrWhen :( i never even got an 8/8..

    dont ask why xD

  • @Jmn why

  • @DrWhen I was referring to leaving for a while, but in the end the whine cellar is where people come to whine and it's done it's job for me to be honest. And as for the "No one cares about my existence", that's a story I don't really want to share with the forum community and may possibly edit out from this post and from the actual post.

  • RototoLyfe

    @DrWhen didnt even think you'd ask.
    ._. lets just say i die from the admins when i almost make it. xD

    its a sad lyfe.

  • @Jmn Wow always finding someone else to blame

  • RototoLyfe

    @DrWhen okay, maybe its because im lazy. but still, my first 7/8 died to me being an idiot and megaman confuses me from admin that spawned it in in a shaitans and i run into lava xD

    but most of my deaths come from me being stupid, or me being extremely stupid.
    basically, all my deaths come from me being stupid. (by running in.)

    ill never forget that 7/8 sorc tho.

  • I want to die

    an 8/8 isn't as expensive as you think.

    the only 8/8s i've died with are the ones i suicided on

  • @yellooooow Eh, to some it's a lifetime achievement- to others it's a cake walk.... To me it was an achievement I obtained a little over two weeks ago. But it's fine, I can see how it isn't too difficult obtaining an 8/8 in a day with the right mindset. Y'know, the deaths may have been stupid but I think that whether you die from lag or not- you begin to value what you have achieved over the course of playing Nilly's realm.

    Also, I think it's best you lock this forum post now- I'm ready to "Git Gud" once again.

  • #WIPE HYPE Banned

    @Elevict You dont have to quit for this lmao

  • Banned Nerdz :(

    Your guild mate messed up cdepths? Just nexus

  • Lolicons

    yesterday I lost an 8/8 wizard with 2245 death fame and a 6/8 with 1038 death fame

    I'm not crying about it

  • Donor

    yesterday i lost my 8/8 rogue to a rock bomb and my 8/8 pally to bes. get over it. shit happens

  • ^^
    i rebuild tho i past nr 2 months now <--- (nobody cares lel)
    when i die i just sigh

    sometimes i laugh

  • I fap to dank memes

    @Elevict yo it may seem like a really hard thing but honestly, just get a wizard and farm the fuck outta god lands, get to 3/8 and keep farming but sell the pots you earn. Also keep an eye on chat for like tombs n shit if you wanna switch it up a bit

    That's how I got my first 8/8 (though I did it with an archer lol)

  • Donor

    @Isaac-da-baz takes me like a day max to remax. if i have my vault filled with some pots

  • Cloud 9

    I've never made it to 7/8 in NR or Prod, rip.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @Jmn Same

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

  • Wait...Why did you have two archers? Seems kinda pointless

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @Prism Backup possibly ?

  • @Noah_ True..

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