New class? (Please read the whole entire post before you comment, and this is my opinion so no hate please)

  • Hi im here to talk about a new classes, now im not saying admins and nilly needs to work more and put more effort into this server, im just saying maybe they could if they had the time or if they even want to add some new classes to the game, I honestly dont care about what the characters kit I just maybe want to ask if there is gonna be any new characters in nillys.

    Now from what I notice in nillys most of the players only play wizards,knights,warriors,archers,huntress's, maybe rouges and sorcerers,and paladins.

    What that means to me is that not much people enjoys to play any other classes like trickster,ninja,mystic,priest,
    because I just think those classes are too bland, i'm mostly looking at their ability, for example most tricksters use their prism to escape sticky situations or to rush, for the ninja its for rushing or just giving them a speed buff, and just doing damage, and the priest and mystics ability is for helping everyone else and possibly themselves too. I just find that just a bit boring to me. Not to mention some nilly players came from prod and they have probably unlocked all of the other classes too, so nothing is too new to them except from the amazing new dungeons and items.

    Some other private servers have their own classes too and i thought that was really cool for the servers, and again im not saying that nilly doesnt work hard enough for us, nilly has put a lot of effort into this server and its probably the most known private server too. Im just wondering if the server could have any new classes to the game :D

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    TL;DR - New class, that isn't boring.

    btw - ninja is fun ^^

  • @Jack-the-Ripper I respect your opinion but I just I dont see much people actually playing on the class but thanks for the comment anyway

  • @NotTooHard if you think all classes are boring either quit the game or give yourself harder challenges. Obviously a new class would be nice but meh not easy to make.

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    Bruh rlly?

    I dont see much people actually playing on the class

    People don't play as ninja, cuz it's little bit hard 4 'em.
    Or they just can't get loot.. In other words - they're bad..

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    eh that would mean that nilly would need to redo all stars

  • @Claywhy True... damn I didnt think about that

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    *and all those classes are good especially trickster ;)

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    Btw upvoting you so you don't have to wait 120 seconds ;)

  • @Claywhy Thanks dude!

  • I suggested a new class awhile ago, nilly responded that he wasn't ready for a new class
    Link for those interested

  • @Cultist Oh I see, I didnt realize at first how much work it takes to make a new class >.> thanks for telling me :ppp

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    Yee, 50% Agree

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    OMG ninja is great. Ever solo'ed an abyss with them in prod? They're awesome with piercing + ability is one hit kill.

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    there should be a pirate class btw nice necrobump

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    Nice necrobump @Century

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    This post is deleted!

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    @LoudmanWasCool its not his thread xd

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    @Claywhy Everyone makes mistakes.

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    @NotTooHard People don't play ninja that much because it lacks high defense or high range. Its ability however, is OP when mastered, but just like Genji, is very hard to master. Mystic is played often for rushing capability, but leechers just play wizard and necro. Trickster is not played that much because everyone stands in one place trying to get 1 hit in, so the prism is a bit useless in that sense. It is also very hard, and used for rushing a lot.
    TL; DR - All the classes you say are bland are just played because they are very hard and because there are better noob choices.

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