About wipe and the future of this project

  • I've been pretty quiet the past few days. Been working on various things having to do with the project that are pretty big changes. That being creating/updating the client with the unobfuscated client released by DECA and the database changes. Database changes stalled a bit because it doesn't really achieve what I want to achieve and I have to think about it more (more about the structure of the source and how the different parts are run).

    Having said that, these changes will take a while and I feel it would be inappropriate to stall any wipe if there were to be one. So I'm thinking if there is to be a wipe, we should do it soon. Friday, July 29 at 12am PST is a date that seems like a reasonable time to do so.

    The other big thing is the future of this project. I'm sort of in a position right now where I feel we either cash in on the project or go public with it. I really don't feel like dragging on like we have in the past. What I really want to do is take what I've learned here and start work on a new project that will be free of the copyright issues we face with this project.

    Everyone hates cashing in, especially on a small independent project such as this. I'm not sure there is a way we can do it without alienating some of the player base/staff. I'm open to ideas if any of you got some. If it seems like it really isn't feasible to cash in, I rather just make the project public and forgo the idea of ever making money with it and start work on something else.

    Going public with the project doesn't mean that this site is dead. I will still develop on it and play a managing role for it. The forums/game server will still exist. The only difference is other people will be able to run an NR server/take advantage of the code base the community/staff here helped develop. Hopefully, people will help improve the source and we can take advantage of that.

    So that is sort of a ramble of my current thoughts. This post was originally intended for staff but decided I would post this to the community to get your guys' thoughts as well.

  • Plebs

    Not sure what you mean by "go public". Havent we put ourselves out there?

    What would "going public" mean for nilly's realm?

  • Public with the source. Everyone will have access to it and will be able to submit changes for it if they wish.

  • Lolicons

    A future of this current project would be great, but if that's not possible then I'm sure we would all understand. Good luck, either way this goes.

  • Donor

    Do whatever you feel is necessary

  • naw this is fucking stupid, when i finally get good you decide to wipe
    wow, you wonder why no one play pservers no more

  • Lolicons

    @LiLMayo Selfish much?

  • Donor

    @LiLMayo LUL

  • what about donor ranks? is there going to be a way to contact you for the donor rank back?

  • I want to die

    @Ashir ranks aren't wiped, along with stars, guilds, and other such things

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Ashir Only things like fame and characters are going to be wiped<

  • By cashing in, I mean using the project to generate income for me and the staff. Right now, all money from donations has been saved up and put towards the cost of running the server. I personally haven't made a dime with it.

  • Donor

    so just to clear it up, there is a confirmed wipe? or is it still a possibly that there will not be one. Just curios to decided whether I should suicide my chars or not XD.

  • i just think it's not fair for the non-donators. they probably worked hard for the items and waiting in the queue for a long time and donors can just get in quick and they'll get better because of the non-queue

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @FaceHugger Was thinking the same thing because he gave us a date but he said if there was to be a wipe and I want to know if i should suicide or not -_-

  • I want to die

    @LiLMayo oh so people who don't have donor rank shouldn't be wiped?

    but how is that fair to the donors?

  • RototoLyfe

    huh. where did my post go?
    Whatever :P

    I don't know about it. I mean, giving the advantage of the coding to the community could be a bit risky, but that's only me. In other words, like said by someone else, do what you feel is needed to be done to make the server better. What you want to do! Even though containing the server after that would be a bit troubling, just do what you feel like you want to do, what you dream to do. I love this server, and i dont want to see it die. If it does die, i might as well be the only player playing because i love the server that much!

    My recommendation is to make the server public, in case some people want to do what they want, yet it could be risky. I really enjoy the server, and i'll continue supporting it, no matter what.

    :D <3

  • Donor

    @LiLMayo said in About wipe and the future of this project:

    i just think it's not fair for the non-donators. they probably worked hard for the items and waiting in the queue for a long time and donors can just get in quick and they'll get better because of the non-queue

    umm, not really

    Just because I can get on faster doesnt mean i get loot faster

    Donator Que ≠ getting better loot

  • @yellooooow i'm not saying that. i'm saying he shouldn't wipe

  • Mfw I still haven't gotten my wand and the servers being wiped, cuckery at it's finest

    Besides my ceaseless begging, I don't think that releasing the NR source is the best of ideas. I cant say for certain why I dont like it, but it's like losing the magic of having a one of a kind game, where it's replecated by every dope out there.

    If you do decide to make money with this game, don't go the kabam route. Things like cosmetic items, reskins aswell as donor only things can net profit all the while being fair to people who play the game without paying. Making the game P2W is one of the worst ways to go about this.

    Those are just my two cents about this though, good luck to any future projects you might be working on.

  • @DonTron but they don't have to worry about waiting in queue, so they can get in faster and play longer and if the game crashes then the non-donors have to wait in queue again and the donors just go right in and i wasn't saying donors get better queue

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Make people in the queue watch ads lol

  • Donor

    @Loli no please no XD

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @FaceHugger I want NR to earn some big bucks for the benefit of game development< Its better than having people paying for coins like kabam did ;-;

  • @Loli said in About wipe and the future of this project:

    @FaceHugger I want NR to earn some big bucks for the benefit of game development<

    The moment this happens is the moment deca stops ignoring us and hops on our ass.

  • Donor

    @LiLMayo I find it the opposite, because I don't have donor, when I get on I play for as long as I can, which makes about 60% of my day nillys, whereas with donator, it would be more like 40% XD

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