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  • Alrighty, post here if you have a map you want tested by someone who has the sufficient rank, please don't just post pictures, this is a thread for people who can't test maps themselves to get it tested. Give feedback either on here or in game when it's opened.

    I know this is a bit of an ask seeing as most of your maps will be in progress, but at least attempt to make it a map and not just a small area with 'difficult' enemies in it, meant to be farmed for items.

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    @Bloodyking There's literally no purpose to this map. It's just a bunch of random difficult enemies scattered around inside a square. Try to make actual dungeons/other maps such as cloth bazaar/etc. Just try to make it something useful.

    @LoudmanWasCool O3 and the tomb bosses shouldn't be separated by such a small area, a wall or some other thing to separate them would be useful. Try blending the areas with other tiles instead of going straight from Arena Edge Grass tiles to Pure Evil. Again, with this map I don't see a clear purpose or objective to it.

    To both of you, good maps aren't created in 15 mins, they take hours. Try to put a bit more effort into it before asking for feedback. It's hard to give feedback when there's not much to talk about.

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    when you open, is it possible if you took pics or told me so i can come on and see?

    id like that.

    idk if it works either, because im on a dell.

  • Lolicons

    For the spawn area:
    So the name of the sign where you leave spawn needs to be changed from Welcome to the Expedition: Lost Lands to size:number;name:Welcome to the Expedition - Lost Lands; Generally it's best to keep the Size to around 20-30, the colon after Expedition needed to be removed because it doesn't recognise the rest of the text. The ship where you spawn has no solid walls, only a white ground outline, I recommend giving placing White Walls. Also, there shouldn't need to be a chest so close to the spawn without enemies nearby it.

    Middle of the island:
    Looks really nice, the only real problem I have with it is that the outermost grass doesn't blend well with the mid grass. I suggest replacing the New Grass with more of the Forrest Floor.

    Water: The branching parts of water need to be changed from Deep Pool to Shallow Water, otherwise it's unwalkable. When you scroll over ground tiles on the right side of the editor, it will say Unwalkable if it is. The area with Thessal might need to be increased, I got a dying Thessal first try and none of the gifts landed on a walkable area. The Hermit area with the moving water into the whirlpool looks cool, you should place more though since they're very weak enemies. For the Ghost Ship Anchor, replace it with a Ghost Ship, as well as remove the lod Blue Tile there since it's a damaging surface and is out of place.

    Top area: Left and right guardian don't attack, bridge is easy to take out solo, lucky ents just seem like more free white bags. Deep Pool -> Shallow Water, Dark Water -> Shallow Water to fix water and blending issues respectively.

    Overall difficulty: 3/10. The only thing which poses any threat is if someone rushes the last part of the bridge and into the room with the paralyze turrets. The rest is just free loot.
    Risk/Reward ratio: 1/10. Sorry. Too many chests without much of a threat near them, had to give it a low rating due to this.
    Colour and shape: Looks pretty good, aside from the outer grass on the first island and blending issues on the bridge.

    What this map needs is more frequent enemies, and more variety of them. What I suggest on the bridge areas is to add some shtrs Paladin Obelisk and shtrs Titanum instead of separate Stone Mages and Stone Paladins. Most of the boss fights (hermit/gship/thessal/lotll) are pretty much them on their own, and they're already fairly easy enemies, it simply poses no threat in its current condition. If you decide to fix the things I mentioned I'd be glad to take another look at the map and re-rate it.

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    ill be waiting for my responses VIA PM.


    Edit: @DrWhen said in Maps in progress thread:

    I know this is a bit of an ask seeing as most of your maps will be in progress, but at least attempt to make it a map and not just a small area with 'difficult' enemies in it, meant to be farmed for items.

    Cmon people, give time to it like I am.

  • Is there any way to test other peoples maps without being rank 50?

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    @Tehfast no-ope.
    sorry lad.

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    Hi, uhm, so....

    I was planning on making a new event, and I want it to have a spawn area, you know, like the sphinx and gship. I was making it so that Shaitans would drop from this event, so the theme is sorta like a volcano area. I thought that maybe it was a little small...

    I dunno if Imma get in trouble for this since it isn't a dungeon, but... :x
    I just needa know if it isn't too small compared to the other events, y'know?

    Here's an apology cow:


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    @ClrPnk Tried it out, here's what I think:

    • There's no spawn so you spawn into a wall
    • Really damn small.
    • No mobs.
    • I don't really see a point to it because it doesn't look like it would have much, it's like a 12x15, what will be in it?



    and it's mine testing map lul ;-;

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    Bump. When attempting to upload a file to this thread, it says "You do not have enough privileges for this action." Does anyone know the cause?

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    @OmgitsBurg As "Upload File." I made sure not to click on Upload Image.

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  • I'm trying to upload a map of mine in the thread but it says i don't have enough privilegies.


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    @Paracosm said in Maps in progress thread:

    I'm trying to upload a map of mine in the thread but it says i don't have enough privilegies.


    Download Section and mention me

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