Selling Fame before and after wipe read and u may benefit xD

  • So after some admin informed me there will be a wipe and since i still got 21k fame in stock i decided 1st to sell em at really shit price of 0.25$ for 1k
    If i wont succed to sell it till 28/7 i will give IT AWAY TO YOU so if ure any of my previys customers or even ure not u can ask me on inbox or post here (pls dont shitposting other staff not in theme of the theard)

    After the wipe i will start playing niilys like hell cause i think it will be fun
    So u can also contact me if u eish to play with me in nillys after the wipe
    Its posible fater my "skills" xD on merching in marketplace and farming to have again many fame for sale from the 1st week after wipe so dont miss me xD

  • #WIPE HYPE Banned

    lmfao u and ur fame

  • Banned Nerdz :(

    fri fame plz

  • Hehehee xD

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